Magazine late this month

  iscanut 20:55 07 Jan 2011

I normally get my subscription PCA a week or so before it is in shops. I see that the 6th Jan is the sale date of current issue yet I have not yet had mine. Anyone else not yet received their mag ?

  DippyGirl 00:16 08 Jan 2011

Has yet to drop through my letterbox.

  jack O'lantern 09:15 08 Jan 2011

My copy always arrives 2 months early.
Such is my life style it does not get opened until another month has gone by. ;-}

  iscanut 13:06 08 Jan 2011

I emailed the subs dept on Friday but have not had a reply. Will see what Monday brings. Nothing in post today.

  Domino 13:58 08 Jan 2011

I got my copy today.

  wee eddie 14:37 08 Jan 2011

Latest Issue out on 06/01/11.

I would like to remind you that the New year Holiday was from the 1st until the 4th, possibly the 3rd down south. Over the Festive Season, there has been considerable dislocation of the Postal services due to Snow and Low Temperatures.

When, exactly, did you expect your Issue to be delivered?

  iscanut 16:39 08 Jan 2011

I am not going to take abuse from you. If the magazine is in the shops, as it was on the 6th, then I would expect to have it by then. I do not need a condescending lesson from you. It is you that has a lack of brains if you think I am unaware of when the holidays take place. There have been no postal problems where I live. Items ordered on the net before and since Christmas have arrived here ! Anyway, I am not complaining, only posting an observation.

  wee eddie 18:01 08 Jan 2011

There are parts of the country that are still receiving their Christmas Mail as the backlogs are sorted out.

  Forum Editor 23:36 08 Jan 2011

Like everything else, postal distribution of magazines has suffered because of the weather and the Christmas postal deluge.

Distribution to newsagents doesn't depend on the postal system, and that's why you saw PCAdvisor in the shops a couple of days ago.

  DippyGirl 00:28 09 Jan 2011

Sorry cant really see that - and as iscanut says this isnt a complaint just an observation.

If the mag is ready to go (as evidenced by deliveries to retail) - and given I normally get it a week earlier by subscription/post.... and despite the snow/ice/bad weather I am receiving recently dispatched mail - ie no backlogs - it should have arrived.

If it is because of the holidays so it was printed late, therefore the subscribers didnt get their early delivery, and vans are quicker than the mail - just say so .... but please dont blame the weather and Christmas postal deluge!

  Forum Editor 09:37 09 Jan 2011

I hope you're not suggesting that I'm lying - it looks very much as if you are.

If deliveries are late because of the bad weather and postal delays I'll say so. I'll also say that vans are quicker than the mail - in fact I did just that.

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