Lynksis disapointment

  Steve27 23:34 23 Apr 2003

I was looking forward to the freedom of wireless networking being able to connect my laptop anywhere at home I just got a Lynksis Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54G and a Wireless-G Notebook Adapter WPC54G but the range is dreadful.

I am typing this in my front room where I have had to move an armchair near to the door in order to get 1 Mbps from a 54Mbps advertised speed. My front room is about 20 ft from the study.

If I use it in the study its brilliant but that rather defeats the object. What a waste of £163 and birthdays don't come round but once a year!

  John-259217 09:26 24 Apr 2003

I use a mixture of Belkin and Linksys kit on the 11 Mbps standard with no problems anywhere in my house or on any other installs I`ve done. Speed stays high even with a less than perfect connection indicated. I was looking forward to trying the 54G kit but this does not sound very promising. Have you any big interference sources nearby? I really can`t see that it can be working properly if its dropping to 1 Mbps over just 20 ft. Is there any way you can set it to force only high speed connection and then try? Maybe the auto speed reduction for poor signal is a bit too sensitive.

  Steve27 11:07 24 Apr 2003

I have messed about into the wee small hours, the study walls are brick it being an extension. I have moved all my office around to position the router high on my bookshelves facing out of the door and along the passage leading to the front room (i'll have to get a longer ethernet cable).

I have also tried different settings mixed, high g etc.Updated the firmware and downloaded a new driver for the card.

I have much better reception now but saying that not anywhere near what I expected. Reception goes down to 2 on a scale of five throughput fluctuates with a high of 36 and a low of two.

I'm going to give their tech support a ring but its a hold on for ever line so I'll need to wait till I get time.

If I had the chance to buy again I'd go for something different.One hope is that the firmware will eventually help.

  John-259217 18:23 24 Apr 2003

Yes thats doesn`t sound good at all. I have a Belkin 11 Mbps router set up here just as an access point. Its in an upstairs front room on an old hi-fi speaker, under my desks next to several tower systems and assorted kit around it eg. monitors, printers etc. I`ve just taken my laptop with a Linksys WPC11 card into the back garden so I`m about 50 ft from the router as the crow flies thru several walls and a floor. I also have a GPRS card installed and connected. The Windows connection shows the network as 1 bar and the Linksys setup shows poor link 20%, poor signal 25%. The throughput on both remains at 11 Mbps however and access to the desktop files is fine. To make it drop I need to go into a metal shed which does cut the signal completely. This is by far the worst set up for equipment positioning I have done yet it still works perfectly well so it appears that the 54G standards/kit are still not as mature as they could be. I may buy the laptop card and see how it ties in to my existing kit but I think I`ll wait on the router/access points for a while. I don`t think on the basis of the above I`d want to push this as a setup for anyone either until some more feedback appears.

Thanks for the email Steve27. Interesting!

I will post back on here once my kit arrives (Buffalo 54g Router and PC Card) and let you all know how this works!

  vinnyT 12:59 25 Apr 2003

Is the phone link in your office an extention from the main socket, if so, try pluging the wireless access point into the main phone socket. If you've already tried this, just ignore me.

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