Low energy bulbs for outside

  jarani 23:03 07 Jul 2009

I am trying to source low energy bulbs for ouside use with the following spec

20W + Timer control + Screw fitting + Low temp use

any suggestions please ? sorry for misuse of this forum

  Stuartli 23:48 07 Jul 2009


click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Assistance and potential buying sources. Many more.

  Covergirl 12:37 08 Jul 2009

. . . you could get light bulbs with timers on them . . . !

Personally, I use a low energy 20w bulb in a 365/24 location down the drive.

It's housed in an all in one unit from B&Q with a photosensitive switch which brings it on at dusk and switches it off in the morning. (Mine's a bayonet fitting, but screw fittings are less popular so sell slower therefore there should be more available.)

As for where to get the bulbs - well Morrisons and Tesco have both had promotions on where you can buy a single one for about £1 or buy five for (something stupid like) 50p. I've stocked up and Morrisons sell Philips and I think Tesco are on General Electrics.

  jarani 13:57 08 Jul 2009

Stuartli - many thanks for the links
I will work through them tonight

Covergirl - thank you for the response
I have 10 lights on the drive and the roundabout
centrally controlled by a timer

It is the timer control that is a problem
it keeps blowing the fuse and the bulbs
which cannot take the timer control
we have too many trees for a photosensitive switch

I have two electrical specialist shops
looking for a solution - even Which? can only come up with a 7W max Low Enegy bulb
with that spec

  961 13:58 08 Jul 2009

Surely we are talking security lights here where we need bright light immediately without a long warm up time followed by auto switch off from the controller after, say, a couple of minutes

We still use coiled coil incandescent in outside security lights because by the time a low energy job has warmed up to give proper light (2/3 mins) the photo cell control has switched it off anyway

  lofty29 16:49 08 Jul 2009

Dont forget that low enery bulbs do not like being switched on and off in short time periods, I would have thought that it was the bulbs that are blowing the fuse rather than the timer, I have garden low enery bulbs operated by a timer, but they are on for several hours at night, and they have been fine for over a year

  jarani 17:09 08 Jul 2009

These are not security lights
more like street lights at 1m high
left on all night illuminating access
come on at sunset - off at sunrise

  Stuartli 17:46 08 Jul 2009

>>We still use coiled coil incandescent in outside security lights..>>

Actually we use a 500w halogen lamp - it's tube shaped and costs around 80p.

  961 19:35 08 Jul 2009

>>actually we use a 500w halogen lamp-it's tube shaped and costs around 80p.<<

and costs the earth to run

  Stuartli 22:41 08 Jul 2009

No, it's only on for a few minutes (if activated for any reason) - we're also on the StayWarm scheme..:-)

As I made clear, it's a security light.

  jarani 23:14 08 Jul 2009

having read through Stuartli's links
I think it may be a timer/bulb problem
and not just the bulb problem alone
the technology is more complex

I will try a mechanical rather than
an electronic timer and see if it works
with ordinary low energy bulbs

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