Low Energy Bulbs

  peugeot man 10:59 17 Oct 2009

Anyone thinking of changing to low energy bulbs may be interested in the purchase I made today at Argos.

Low energy bulbs £1 each OR 10 for £1. Got mine this morning so have my daughter and son.

The 11 watt is very short, perfect for table lamps.

click here

  tullie 11:14 17 Oct 2009

I have received enough of these free off charge to last me a lifetime,various wattage.

  curofone 13:55 17 Oct 2009

have 5000 free ones sat in my office at work.

and to be honest loads and loads of shops are doing 10 for £1

  Stuartli 15:38 17 Oct 2009

Sainsbury's is advertising the same bulbs at the same price in the national newspapers today.

Like tullie I've gathered enough to last for the next squillion years, including 20 at 1p each from Tesco...:-)

  amonra 17:37 17 Oct 2009

Why is there a glut of these abominations ? Have the manufacturers over estimated demand ?

  curofone 18:20 17 Oct 2009

well shops are not allowed to sell normal incandescent light bulbs anymore (well i think that they can sell their current stock).

also energy companies love to give them away for free as they all have to meet something called the carbon emission reduction target and if they give away millions of light bulbs then they can claim they have saved masses about of CO2 even if there is no evidence that these light bulbs are actually being used. CERT is also the reason why all the energy supplies want to give away discounted loft and cavity wall insulation (they are not doing it becuase they want to save you money).

  caccy 20:47 17 Oct 2009

Perhaps they are surplus to requirements and it is cheaper to give them away than dispose of them correctly.

"The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, which came into force in July 2005, incorportated the European Waste Catalogue definitions to assess waste, under these definitions fluorescent tubes are classed as Hazardous Waste and MUST be handled in accordance with the regulation."

  peugeot man 21:35 17 Oct 2009

Thanks everyone, whatever the reason I think they are good value, I have not been lucky enough to get free ones so 10p each is a bargain. I see they are still on sale between £2 and £3 each at other outlets today.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:20 17 Oct 2009

You may well have a point there.

Like most others it seems, i have about 20 of them that have been given away. What i'm gonna do with them is beyond me. Every bulb in the house is already low energy and they seem to last forever!

  Condom 23:44 17 Oct 2009

I wish that the low cost low energy ones would work with dimmer switches. Last time I looked at ones to work with dimmer switches they were £10 each. Why the big difference?

  Stuartli 00:12 18 Oct 2009

The main reason for the offers goes back to a threat by Gordon Brown to windfall tax energy companies on their profits, unless they used some of it to supply customers with energy saving measures.

These include the bulbs, cavity wall and loft insulation and devices that reveal how much energy you are using at any given time.

We've taken advantage and it's been very worthwhile.

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