Low-end Core 2 vs mid-end Pentium D?

  SirMetal 23:21 19 Mar 2011

I am currently planning my migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 on my home PC. I have made the following changes to my PC over the last year:

Replaced Celeron D @ 3.46GHz with Pentium D @ 2.8GHz.
Upgraded RAM from 512MB to 2GB
Installed Radeon HD3450 to replace integrated Via graphics.

The final stage of my upgraded system will be to buy a 500GB SATA hard drive to replace the current 160GB IDE hard drive.

Now on to my main point. I have a laptop which runs Windows 7 with similar specs:

Core 2 Duo @ 1.60GHz
Intel graphics.
120GB SATA hard drive.

It performs well with the programs that I use. I will use exactly the same programs on my home PC when I install Windows 7.

I want my home PC to perform as well, if not better than my laptop when it comes to CPU intensive tasks.

A breakdown of the CPU's will reveal the following specifications:

Pentium D:

2MB L2 Cache
800MHz FSB
90nm Fabrication
95W Max TDP

Core 2 Duo:

2MB L2 Cache
533MHz FSB
65nm Fabrication
34W Max TDP

Given that the Pentium D is NetBurst-based, will this make it run slower than the Core-based Core 2 Duo with a slower clock-speed and FSB?

Not really an important question, but and interesting one none-the-least.

P.S. I will be installing a 64-bit version of Windows 7, whereas my laptop runs a 32-bit version.

  Forum Editor 23:22 19 Mar 2011

from Speakers Corner.

  qbie 23:32 19 Mar 2011

According to the Passmark CPU charts - click here

2.80Ghz Pentium D - Score 740, Rank 689

A Core2 Duo T5200 (I just picked a C2D at random running at that speed, check the chart for the exact one you're looking at) - Score 833, Rank 657

So you'd probably not notice much difference. It would certainly run a lot cooler than an old Netburst CPU though!

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