Lovely cuddly PC World

  qinesiq 23:21 01 Jun 2006

I just thought I’d write about the nice wee men from PC world in Manchester.

I “bought” (‘twas an insurance replacement jobbie) a new pc system in January 2006. After deliberating for ages before visiting the shop I proudly placed my shopping list in front of the wee chappy and cheekily asked for some sort of a discount - I got £100 knocked off and January sale prices too – nice I thought.

After getting my shiny new system home and carefully setting it up it was a little hard to notice the loud grating noises when the system lurched into warp factor 10 before nose diving into a black hole of no return. The next day I toddled back and a very sympathetic chappy happily replaced it and said any more probs come straight back – even gave me a card with his direct extn number on it (well I suppose there are pluses to being blonde).

I had also ordered a leather case for a pda from pcwb at the same time. When it arrived I decided that I didn’t like it as I didn’t fancy the metal grips next to my shiny new ipaq. When I told the (yes you’ve guessed it) wee chappy at pcwb they just refunded my account and said that they had written off the case as it wasn’t worth their while collecting it. They told me to bin it so I sent it to my boyfriend – I bought him a dell axim for Christmas (aren’t I nice).

I bought a cable the other day after I had a spas attack trying to set up my linksys wag (I tort it was my extension lead but later realised I had set it up and just hadn’t set it to never dial a connection – much head slapping quickly followed). So took back opened package told them I was an idiot and got full refund.

Big thumbs up to PC World and PC World Business in Manchester you guys are the best. Mmmmowa!

  Jackcoms 08:34 02 Jun 2006

This must be a world first.

Somebody with something GOOD to say about PCW. ;-)

  oresome 08:46 02 Jun 2006


Would you care to do my shopping please?

  Diemmess 09:13 02 Jun 2006

Congratulations on playing that card so well!

It is truly an object lesson showing how much more sympathetic attention is given to someone who pleads innocence and whose attitude is "Please can you help"

Being a young attractive woman is a head start over a grey-headed balding old man, but even without the looks it helps if you can manage a friendly and totally innocent smile!

  spuds 10:51 02 Jun 2006

Looks like I will need to change my gender, on my weekly visits to PCW. But in fairness, I find the staff fairly reasonable in most events. It's just the odd grumpy 'new' manager, that gets my goat!.

  Mike D 11:25 02 Jun 2006

I tried the Little Girl Lost approach...

... Court case comes up next week.


  ade.h 14:04 02 Jun 2006

While I live within a half-hour's drive of possibly the worst PCW branch in the UK, you live near the best.

Hey ho.

  grumpygramp 14:26 02 Jun 2006

I wish I had some hair that I could Dye Blonde

  The Spires 15:22 02 Jun 2006

Eventually males do work the system out you are using though & foil you, however most men don't work it out until they are around 65 and by then it's too late. :-)

  Ikelos 17:08 02 Jun 2006

nice one Mike D :-)))))))

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