Lousy H P Service

  Ozy 17:16 21 Feb 2008

Model number GZ976EA#ABU
Serial number CNF7456CN6
With the mains lead plugged into the laptop,
I press the power button to switch the computer on.
The power button lights up (also other lights come on ),
I hear a fan spin for a few seconds,
With nothing on screen the laptop shuts down
Without touching the power button , the lights come on again,
The fan spins and the laptop shuts down again.
This goes on indefinitely.
BUT if I power on with battery only, the laptop powers up and
Works normally.
Then I connect the mains lead to keep the battery topped up.
This is how it has been since I bought it on December 8th 2007

I did the Power drain Test
After many tries, taking the battery out and holding down the power button, the laptop still will not boot if the power lead is connected
12th January I returned the laptop to Comet, they sent it to HP. 25 Jan I called to collect the laptop, H P had returned the laptop saying it had no faults.
I complained to the shop assistants,and they offered to test it in the shop with a different power lead and adapter
(removed from a working same model laptop ),
After connecting it up, with the power lead connected,
The power button was pressed, lights came on, but the laptop still would not boot.
The assistant removed the power lead, and the laptop booted.
The assistant shut down the laptop inserted the power lead, pressed the power button
and the laptop booted.
If the laptop is left shut down for a few hours, the whole performance has to be
gone through again
the assistants told me they would be sending it back to H P.,
that will be another week or two I will be without my laptop.

7th February I again collected the laptop, and was told a new mainboard had been fitted.
On taking it home, and pressing the power button, with the mains lead connected the laptop still would not bootup, it was exactly as above, the fault has not been fixed,
Did they realy fit a new board? (two boards with exactly the same fault ) I doubt it!

21 February I again returned the laptop to Comet, to be sent back to H. P.

  wee eddie 18:59 21 Feb 2008

Two Anti Virus Programs being installed

  oresome 19:12 21 Feb 2008

"Did they realy fit a new board? (two boards with exactly the same fault ) I doubt it!"

Well if they have fitted a new motherboard, I think it's safe to assume the fault is not on the motherboard and they've changed it for no good reason.

Not sure how wee eddies suggestion ties in with the fact that it powers up ok from the battery.

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