Lots of good customer service...

  Simsy 19:15 15 May 2009

Recently, in the past month or so, I've had several examples of good cutomer service, enough to make them worth writing about...

1) Iron bought from John Lewis. 2 weeks out of guarantee it packed up with a spark from the thermostat. I checked reciept and saw it was just out of guarantee. Bah! I thought I'd ring John Lewis anyway and see if, under the circumstances, they'd give me a discount on a new one. I didn't even get as far as asking for a discount... when I mentioned that it had broken, and was just out of guarantee, I was interupted and told, "Oh I'm sure we can do something for you" The "something for you" turned out to be a completely free replacment!

2) I Dropped something on my keyboad, breaking on of the legs at the back. You know, the things that give the keynoard a nice angle. I've had this about two years. I rang the makers, Logitech, and after establishing the model, and that the items were in stock, two new legs arrived, free of charge, 2 days later.

3) Screwfix. I ordered a bunch of stuff, including a fire extinguisher for my garage. It all arrived next day, but the extingisher was faulty. A distinct "white powder" look about it, and a pressure guage that read zero. It's obviously leaked. Rang Screwfix and a replacement arrived at lunchtime the next day.

4) Mouse2House click here Late last year I ordered a replacement compatible toner cartridge for my sister, from Mouse2house. A few weeks ago it started to print faintly and she expressed her disappontment. The usual tricks didn't improve things, so, as she was needing to print stuff urgently I got her a genuine Samsung from the first place I could. Further investigation showed that she'd had 1300 sheets from the original Samsung cartridge, (nominally capable of 1000). She'd only had 400 from the compatible, (nominally 3000 sheets). I rang mouse2house and they said something was obviously not right and agreed to replace or refund. To cut a long story short shes not only had a replacement, but the agent concerned, Sam, took it upon himself to ring me, when he couldn't get hold of my sister, to check on the delivery of the replacement. (Which has arrive, though not yet been used)

So that's 4 examples of excellent service, from different suppliers, in a short space of time. Now some may say there was nothing outstanding obout the service, (logitech excepted), as all they were doing were meeting their statutory requirements...

However, what the 4 incidents have in common is that they were all resolved WITHOUT QUIBBLE. The ethos of "what can we do for you" was all pervading.

To me, that is customer service. How they deal with it when things go wrong.

Rant over,



  birdface 10:52 16 May 2009

It is in the company's own interest to give good service.Good service is good publicity and folk will use those company's because of it.Bad service on the other hand leads to fewer customers and eventually closure for some of them.

  Simsy 11:10 16 May 2009



  wee eddie 13:58 16 May 2009

Maybe it was helped by your lack of "aggressive" behaviour when you made your initial contacts.

  Si_L 14:30 16 May 2009

I'll add one to that - Office Supermarket. My chair broke about 18 months after buying it, I originally diagnosed it as a problem with the stem, and rang to see how much a new one would be, instead they sent it free of charge. After replacing the stem, it didn't work, as it was actually the wheel base that had broken. I rang up again, and without any comments sent me a new wheel base and brand new wheels!

  Simsy 15:21 16 May 2009

You're quite right!



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