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  Giant68 11:37 10 Apr 2004

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a spindle of blank DVDs and a stick od SDRAM from Novatech. Royal Mail, or should that be Royal Fail?, delivered it to my door but as no one was in they took it back to the Distribution Office and stuck a card through the door. When i went to the D.O. to pick it up they had lost it. The guy behind the counter gave me a claim form, saying that he was not supposed to give them out but he'd had enough of people coming in looking for lost mail. I duly filled it out and sent it off, all details filled in, even down to the weight of the parcel (thanks Novatech). I've just recieved a letter and a cheque for less than the contents were worth. They state that this is a goodwill gesture as normally they will only consider compensation claims with a certificate of posting. The question is: do any of you think it is worth taking this further over a sum just over a fiver or shall I just cash the cheque and mark it down to experience and the lousy mail service we have in Hampshire.

Many thanks in advance


  961 11:50 10 Apr 2004

My experience with the help desk at Novatech has always been very positive and I would suggest you ask for their assistance

  spuds 11:51 10 Apr 2004

You have a Novatech invoice, the Royal Mail have confirmed that they tried to deliver the goods, and the parcel as gone missing.Taking this into account, the Royal Mail do not need a certificate of posting, they already know that it was put into their delivery system. Write back to the Royal Mail, informing them that you want full compensation and nothing less, the imcompetance is their fault.This is not a goodwill gesture. I would suggest that you inform them that you may/will inform Postwatch, if you do not receive satisfaction to your request.

Do not cash the cheque as yet, otherwise they may consider this as a final closure of this matter.

  Giant68 12:04 10 Apr 2004

961 and Spuds,

Many thanks for the reply. Novatech are very helpful as I found out when the parcel first went missing, they furnished me with various details of the parcel for the form. Interesting to note that the Royal Fail wanted the invoice, odd as this was in the parcel that they have lost!!

Spuds, I was thinking along those lines myself but just wanted someone else to confirm it, thanks.
I'll leave the this thread open till later just in case anyone else has had a similar experience and has resolved it to their satisfaction.


  961 13:53 10 Apr 2004

Did not realise you had been to Novatech already and on that basis I would agree with Spuds that it really is a bit of a try on

  Stuartli 14:42 10 Apr 2004

It sounds like a case of Royal Mail Jobsworths following Jobsworths' letter of the law management instructions for such situations..:-)

  Stuartli 14:46 10 Apr 2004

spuds is absolutely correct in pointing out that the fact that the Royal Mail tried to deliver the parcel should have registered with the sadly non-intelligent individual responding to your communication that your claim was genuine.

  Djohn 14:59 10 Apr 2004

Giant68. I'm sure that Novatech will be willing to e-mail you a copy of the invoice for you to prove the number and cost of items that you are claiming for. j.

  Forum Editor 15:12 10 Apr 2004

it's important to understand the facts about mail compensation.

1. Royal Mail (let's not be silly and call them anything else) is legally liable, in certain circumstances and within certain limits, for most things lost or damaged in the inland post. This liability does not, however, include the value of any message or information or consequential loss.

2. Royal Mail will pay compensation in certain circumstances but ordinary first and second class post has a compensation limit of up to £27 or the market value, whichever is lower.

3. Parcelforce offers of compensation vary depending on the service you choose. 'Standard' service only offers compensation up to a maximum of £20.00.

4. It is a fact that some items do get lost or delayed within the postal system - the Post Office handles about 85 million letters, and over a million parcels a day. It's inevitable that some things will be lost with that kind of volume being handled, and in fact other Postal services in other countries lose far more. The human element is bound to be a major factor, and this is one of the reasons Royal Mail cannot and do not guarantee delivery of ordinary mail.

5. If a supplier obtains a certificate of posting at the trime of despatch of a parcel any subsequent claim for compensation is far more likely to succeed.

Whatever you do, and whatever the circumstances, if the package was sent via ordinary mail (first or second class) you will not receive more than £27.

  Giant68 15:28 10 Apr 2004

Again many thanks.
Thanks FE for clarifying the situation re 1st and 2nd class post.

I'll tick this thread as resolved now.


  bfoc 15:40 10 Apr 2004

I may be wrong but I believe that:

1. It is the supplier, who paid Royal Mail, who paid for the service who is RM's customer and who would need to make a claim/complaint. See click here

2. Since you can prove that it has not been delivered to you, it is up to the supplier (in this case Novatech) to provide the goods you have paid for.

3. If the above two points are correct then it would be for Novatech to chase the RM to sort out the problem.

Since companies like Novatech are major customers they can carry more 'clout'.

The one proviso to this follows on from FE's point about the limit to compensation. If Novatech gave you the chance to opt for extra cover and you refused then the £28 would be all you could get back. If there was no such option then you could argue for full refund/replacement.

Hope this helps!

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