Lost my domain, my business and my customers

  Granger 13:02 01 Feb 2005

BT Connect registered a domain name for me, and hosted a web site and email addresses. I decided to stop using BT Connect as I was tired of things going wrong. They gave me the details of the account where it was held, but at the same time the they transferred it somewhere else. It has taken about 8 months to get them to give me a username and password, which don't work. The registrar where BT Connect say they transferred it say they don't have my domain.

I've lost my domain, my business and my customers, and BT Connect don't care. They ignore my complaints. The "DNS Team" can only be contacted by email, and they don't read my emails properly and send me in circles, on the rare occasions when they even respond. The helpline is now a premium rate line which I can't call because I'm on a corporate telephone system.

I'm desperate, and they just don't give a damn what they've done to me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:51 01 Feb 2005

'The helpline is now a premium rate line which I can't call because I'm on a corporate telephone system'...can you not call on a private phone?


  €dstowe 17:06 01 Feb 2005

There are occasions when the old fashioned postal service is still the best way of communication. This may be one of those occasions.

Send a letter by Special Delivery to BT explaining your position. If you don't have an address for that particular section of the company, send it to their headquarters.

  wee eddie 17:33 01 Feb 2005

I wouldn't like to think you were running a private business in company time!

  FelixTCat 20:48 01 Feb 2005

If you can quantify your losses, sue them for negligence. If either you gave them specific instructions, or they made you a specific committment, and they did something different, they have no defence.

  Granger 22:05 01 Feb 2005

I moved and took a full-time job while I got settled, but I want to re-start my business. My long-standing customers gave me alot of slack, but after so many months I'm losing them. I'll take your advice and send a hard copy letter, but I'm still shocked at their lack of interest. At least bothering to reply would be nice. I mean, why not? I'm not asking for anything difficult, I'm not getting shirty with them, I just want my domain back. What's the difficulty there? I don't get it, I just don't get it.

  wee eddie 01:22 02 Feb 2005

your period, while you got settled, included the Domain renewal date.

If you failed to renew the Domain, I am not sure what happens but, there was a thread about 8 months ago on the subject. A search might bring up, it and other relevant threads.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:50 02 Feb 2005

At the risk of repeating myself...can you contact them on a private phone?..... If the business is that important, taking time off wotk or throwing a sicky should not be a problem.


  Granger 12:37 02 Feb 2005

Eddie - no, the domain's good until 2008.

Gandalf - you're right, of course there are ways of making contact, but it achieves nothing and I'm just sick of bending over backwards and getting no help at all.

  pj123 17:05 02 Feb 2005

What is/was your domain name? Check it out here:

click here

This will give all the details and (if it is a .co.uk name) what the TAG is. If you know the TAG then all you need to do is get your new host to transfer it. BT should then release it to your new host.

  Forum Editor 17:57 02 Feb 2005

Is it? Domain name registrations are normally for a two-year period - which suffix is it? (.com or .co.uk etc.).

If you have a .co.uk name you can get Nominet UK to force a move to another host, provided you can show that you have made exhaustive attempts to contact the existing host. As pj123 says, you can arrange for the name to be retagged to a new host, but you must notify the existing host (by fax) of your wishes, and provide them with the new tag. Your new host will then call for the name to be tagged to them.

The important thing is to act rapidly and decisively - contact BT by telephone and tell them that unless they provide you with the information you require you will be asking the domain high level registrar to initiate a forced move.

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