Looks like ebuyer are vetting customer comments

  cookiepatel 22:57 11 Jan 2008

e-buyer never print my bad reviews but always print the good ones. Being suspicous i sent them two reviews about the same product, one good the other not so good, i used different email addresses so they coulnd't see they were from the same person. And guess what? They printed the good review but not the bad one.

Whats the point of having a review system if customers are not allowed to be honest? I have lost all respect for ebuyer now and will never trust their customer reviews again!

  Stuartli 23:37 11 Jan 2008

Are you surprised?

  celticdragon 01:55 12 Jan 2008

That's interesting, good to know and worth keeping in mind. If a web site allows customer reviews it should allow good and bad.

  rdave13 01:59 12 Jan 2008

Try Ebay then.Feedbacks are just feedbacks and no recommendations as products usually fail after submitting a good feedback...
Learn and use the company that looks after it's customer.
Don't buy from a company that's not trustworthy, vote with your wallet.

  bozbiker 02:55 15 Jan 2008

That explains why a review a sent Ebuyer never appeared, THREE times i sent it and they never bothered to put it on the site. I said in the review 'Not easy to set up so think twice before purchasesing if you are not a techie or you might have to call Ebuyers £1 per minute help desk'

  spuds 14:31 15 Jan 2008

Don't know much about giving a personal bad review, but when I have contacted Ebuyer customer services (via email or letter) about a problem or comment, then they have always replied, giving a honest answer and possible reason to the subject.

My latest moan was about 'free delivery' and the way items were delivered using this 'promotional offer'. They admitted straight away, that goods could be delayed due to 'free delivery' than going the normal delivery charge way.

I often read product reviews before purchasing an item, and in all fairness it seems as though good and bad comments are (were?) published. On one occasion Ebuyer Value memory chips had a very bad selection of reviews, and Ebuyer published those comments.

Perhaps the review moderator is having second opinions on certain comments ;o)

  mintyboy 05:07 22 Jan 2008

When a usb harddrive i bought from ebuyer blew my usb ports i sent it back and told ebuyer what it did to my PC. Ebuyer did not want to accept responsiblty saying i had not proof the harddrive did it. I told them if they did not send me a new usb card i will write a bad review about the hardrive and they said to me 'go ahead' so i did, its been over 6 months and ebuyer still has not published it.

  dms05 11:53 22 Jan 2008

I think it depends upon how the review is written. I've had negative comments on some products published as reviews but I'm careful to make the review balanced and not just about the negative aspects.

  ened 13:02 22 Jan 2008

I have made plenty of decisions on buying parts thanks to reviews on the ebuyer site.

If you want a Hard Drive, but Drive 'A' has poor reviews and Drive 'B' favourable comments, you are still going to be a customer so I don't see why they need to censor the reviews unless there is something else wrong with them: like being defamatory or containing bad language.

I have read plenty of reviews which have put me off buying a particular product so I can see no evidence of their interference.

Incidentally, in ten years of dealing with them I have not had cause to write a poor review myself (touch wood)!

  TonyM 15:20 22 Jan 2008

Unfortunately I think this is fairly standard practice - I had the same with Amazon - the one occasion I posted less than glowing feedback about a product the review never appeared.

  Totally-braindead 16:52 22 Jan 2008

Didn't know Ebuyer did this and it does make their comments rather meaningless if this is the case.
I'm afraid after a really mucked up order a few years ago I don't use them anymore so it doesn't really effect me anyway.
I have to say that looking at the reviews on Amazon I have seen good and bad reviews so it seems to me that they must publish some bad ones and why TonyMs bad review wasn't used I do not know.

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