Looking for a Series 60 Bible (Nokia 6600) Hmmm

  GibsonSt19 01:36 06 Oct 2004

Anyone know whether I can get the Holy Bible on my Nokia 6600? I'm happy to pay for the software too.

Thanks lots

  Al94 09:07 06 Oct 2004

Go to the Nokia website, everything you need is there click here

It never ceases to amaze me that people still don't realise that a simple Google search will answer many of these sort of questions - GibsonSt19 - not getting at you in particular!

  GibsonSt19 10:25 06 Oct 2004

I don't feel 'got at' at anyhoo!

I'd been googling all day yesterday, and although I found some references, they were to free Bible versions (which mean slightly dodgy translations, or very hard to read versions).

I'll have a look on Nokia.com

  Al94 10:31 06 Oct 2004

GibsonSt19, just to try to help on further searches through Google, try putting this in the search box nokia+6600+manual The first result listed will be the link to the full manual for your phone. Class dismissed!!

  GibsonSt19 10:36 06 Oct 2004

However I'm already very familiar with advanced google search expressions. (Rebellious pupil!)

  GibsonSt19 15:44 06 Oct 2004

Anyone have any experience of a Series 60 Bible? Also, I don't really want to me messing around with 'patching' my own together. I'd really prefer a single installable file.

Thanks lots.

  Al94 17:47 06 Oct 2004

I've obviously misinterpreted your requirements here - thought you were looking for manual & software - now aint got a clue what you need.

  GibsonSt19 18:04 06 Oct 2004

The Bible (y'know, the most popular book on earth), perferably the New Internation Version, on my Nokia 6600.

  Al94 19:31 06 Oct 2004

AAh - that Bible!

  GibsonSt19 19:36 06 Oct 2004


  Al94 21:21 06 Oct 2004

Have you looked here click here

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