Looking for the right Tablet

  escobarcaruso 23:44 31 Mar 2013

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a nice, large tablet. This should be simple, but there are so many products out there, that I'm struggling to recognize which one is most suitable for me.

I had a Nexus 7 for a brief while, and I thought it was next to perfect for a 7", but I think the form factor isn't a great fit for me.

What do I need it for?

Checking E-Mails, browsing the net, viewing .pdf-files (very important!), looking at sheet-music (.pdf again), watching some TV-shows, streaming twitch.tv, keeping track of appointments, downloading stuff.

It absolutely needs to be able to play .mp3-files while reading .pdf, for most of my instructional guitar and piano books are in such a format. The process of operating MP3s should be easy and not obscure the .pdf files too much. Any apps that complement my music learning, like sight reading practice, ear training etc. are a boon and a half. Downloading ** via p2p would be great, so would an SNES-emulator with bluetooth gamepad.

I want it to completely replace my smartphone, so mobile internet would be neat.

What I don't need:

It doesn't need to be super powerful, and I wouldn't want a device that has active cooling anyways. I have a very powerful desktop as a productivity machine.

Here are the tablets that caught my fancy:

Apple Ipad

The first choice for millions, here are the pros and cons I've found thus far:

  • Looks pretty and shiny
  • 4:3 is the perfect aspect ratio for sheet music
  • Mobile Broadband is available
  • Retina Display beats most other devices
  • plenty of cool accessories
  • plenty of dedicated tablet apps
  • extremely costly
  • iOS seems super restrictive
  • no P2P-downloads (torrents)
  • no compatibility with non-iOS-bluetooth
  • no SNES-emulator
  • super expensive apps
  • no memory extension via mSD, USB
  • iTunes "prison"
  • I would support the most pretentious, annoying cult of modern times.
  • no flash in browser

Android: Nexus 10

  • highest resolution screen out there
  • Android far less restrictive than iOS
  • torrents are no problem
  • same with SNES + bluetooth gamepad
  • apps less expensive, usually free
  • fewer dedicated tablet apps
  • 16:10 isn't exactly the best aspect ratio for pdfs
  • no LTE or any mobile internet(WTF is up with that?)
  • doesn't look as sleek as alternatives
  • no memory extension again (come on...)

Windows 8: Asus Vivo Tab Smart

  • looks great
  • supports legacy software
  • supports all peripherals
  • insane value for money
  • really, really cool cover
  • cheap memory extension
  • ideal aspect ratio for video content
  • no LTE
  • extremely low resolution
  • few dedicated touch apps
  • lackluster hardware
  • horrid aspect ratio for my purposes
  • some overlap with desktop

I'd really value your input, please do point out anything I might have missed. I've never had an Apple-device, so if I misunderstood anything, feel free to rub my nose in it.

Thanks guys,


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