Looking to purchase a new pc..

  LeeM 15:48 19 Jun 2007

Hey, im looking to purchase a new pc, and I thought this would be the best place to look for advice.

My budget is £800-£900 (I may be able to go higher if REALLY needed). I will primarily need the PC for college work, general PC things and gaming (im hoping to get a rig which will play games well).

I want the following:

A package PC - I don't want or have the time to build it myself.

2GB of Ram.

Windows Vista.

Good GFX Card.

A Monitor.

And some more things I have missed out I expect.

  Diemmess 17:11 19 Jun 2007

Try Novatech click here for a considerable range at all prices.
Their customer service is extremely helpful and reliable.

Dell and others with a reasonable reputation, also have a big range but I've no recent experience of them

  LeeM 17:14 19 Jun 2007

Thanks for the reply, I have been looking around other websites and I quite like the looks of this set-up: click here

  Kate B 17:20 19 Jun 2007

See if you can get a better iteration of the 8800 card: that 256MB one will be a bottleneck. Ditch the Lightscribe drive and upgrade the card if you need to make a saving elsewhere.

  Totally-braindead 17:36 19 Jun 2007

Do a search for Mesh in the Forums and make your own mind up.

  LeeM 17:40 19 Jun 2007

@Kate B im stretching my budget if I get the Mesh Comp, I doubt I can go as far as the 8800 - if I want to upgrade that's another £100.

  Starfox 18:19 19 Jun 2007

I bought this-

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
2GB Kingston DDR 667 memory
250GB SATA Hard Drive
Atrix 650Watt psu
8800GTS Nvidia DDR DVI 640MB Graphics Card
2 x 18X DVD+/-RW
Floppy Drive
19Inch Hanns.g. Multimedia TFT DVI
Trust remote keyboard & mouse wireless
Integrated Sound
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Inc SP2

£945 Delivered from click here

Ordered Friday, delivered Tuesday of the following week and the company was a pleasure to deal with.

Interesting thread about them at click here

  LeeM 18:21 19 Jun 2007

Thanks for the reply Starfox, that looks like a nice set-up however I want to get Vista so I don't have the problem of upgrading in the future.

  gary46 21:47 19 Jun 2007

look on mesh website under desktop reviews. the elite gts media(pc advisor recomended)is the same price as the one you are looking but comes with a 8800 gts 320mb graphics card instead the 8600gt, which i presume will be a better card.all for £999

  Starfox 21:47 19 Jun 2007

Yes I would have got Vista had it not been for the gaming/Vista problem.

I can always upgrade to Vista later if need be.

  Totally-braindead 14:12 20 Jun 2007

I personally wouldn't have a Mesh, have a look at the Novatech offers as their customer service is brilliant and if you buy a PC without an operating system you could buy a copy of XP OEM for about the £60 mark and there you are an XP PC.
click here

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