Looking for pay as you go French ISP

  flick 00:23 16 Feb 2003

I'm looking for the French equivalent of a 1p a minute (preferably no minimum charge) dial up service provider.
We have a house in Northern France (33 region code) - France Telecom phone line - and I occasionally need access to the internet via laptop when we are there.
Can anyone suggest a pay as you go, no-frills, reliable ISP we could sign up with? We are not there often enough or for long enough to justify a BT surftime type contract.

  gimbal 07:50 16 Feb 2003

If you can wait until I contact my friend who lives in France I may be able to help. My last two mails haven't been replied to so it could be a few days. It is Tiscali.fr ISP and it will have to be set up over there.

  Ellie3009 12:42 16 Feb 2003

Firstly, non-contract ISP internet use is billed via France Telecom at a standard all-day rate of 2 euro cents (0.13 centimes in old money!) per minute.

From my experience:

Freesbee - which has been taken over by Tiscali since i used them - were very reliable, and I never got a busy tone!
The Tiscali.fr "forfait totale liberte" is a dialup service, paid via the FT phone bill.
click here
(I'm assuming you speak enough french to understand this page!)

Wanadoo, (France Telecoms ISP) are also very good, quick reliable internet, easy signup, do dialup access on a tariff called "Acces Libre"
click here

Also, have a look at this page for a few other options:
click here

And one other tip: I had trouble getting my computer to dialup at first, until I went to the internet properties and unticked the "use area code and dialing properties" box, and entered the entire ISP dialup number into the "telephone number" box!

Hope this is helpful!

  flick 11:14 17 Feb 2003

Thank you both for your suggestions. I've signed up for Wannadoo and Tiscali and will see how they check out next time I'm in France.

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