Looking for a new PC on finance

  lami 12:26 30 Dec 2007

Hello all and a happy new year,

I'm thinking of buying a new PC in the new year. I basically want the PC for gaming and nothing else, i will use my old PC to download etc.
The only thing is that i don't have the cash upfront so will have to pay on finance. Can anyone recommend any decent sites that offer finance where i can get a top end PC for around £1000 - £1400? I've already tried the likes of Dell and PC World but wouldn't get value for money. Any advice would be very helpful.
Sorry if this has previously been posted by someone else but i'm useless at searching forums.

Thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 12:35 30 Dec 2007

Why do you say you wouldn't get value from the likes of Dell?

Something to do with the PCs they sell so something about the finance package?

Novatech sell good PCs and I think they do finance but how the finance packages compare I have no idea. Might be wrong but I think they do finance. click here

  lami 12:43 30 Dec 2007

Yeah thanks for that. I'll have a look. The problem with Dell is that you can't cusomsize your PC i'd like a PC with the Nvidia 8800 GTX graphics card but can't find one on there site.

  Al94 13:22 30 Dec 2007

click here one on the right?

  €dstowe 14:10 30 Dec 2007

Finance from sellers is almost certainly to be very, very expensive. Also, be very careful of "buy now, pay later" deals which claim to be interest free. If you don't pay the capital exactly on or before the due date the deal reverts to a loan and you are charged astronomical rates in interest and often interest on what was previously the interest free period.

Have you thought about getting a bank loan to finance this deal (or better, save up the money before buying)?

  iscanut 17:01 30 Dec 2007

How about dropping down to the 8800GT, just as good for most users and cheaper than the GTX. £dstowe gives good advice..beware of paying more than double the original cost of the pc over the term of the finance deal ! Even a cr card option could be cheaper than Finance House deals !

  iscanut 17:03 30 Dec 2007

PS..hate to say so, but if all you want to do is play games, then think about an XBox !! Cheaper than a pc !

  lami 14:14 31 Dec 2007

Thanks for the advice and just so you know i already have an x box 360! :) I shall take all on board and come to a decision in the near future. Once again thanks.

  grumpygramp 15:03 31 Dec 2007

Novatech provide Finance for any item over £400 .They also permit you to upgrade it yourself whilst under warantee with no penalty

  bstb3 15:30 31 Dec 2007

Depending on how long you wish to have to pay off the loan, you could also look at taking out a credit card with 0% on balance transfers purely for this purpose. Buy the pc on your own credit card (assuming you have one), then transfer the balance to the new card.

Of course its not going to be a free loan, there is almost always now a fee to pay on the balance transferred, but it could work out cheaper. The Abbey card at the moment has 0% on balance transfers for 13 months, for a 2.5% fee. On a thousand pound loan this could save you £40 or so, more if you pay off sooner. Just be careful not to use the card for anything else as they will be added to the end of the payments and might start accruing interest at the full credit card rate, which would wipe out any savings you might make.

It would also be a way of getting extra coverage on the purchase. Needs to be treated with caution though, best to do the sums first and be aware of all the risks.

Im with €dstowe, best to save first. Its always the cheapest and safest way.

  citadel 18:06 31 Dec 2007

chillblast fusion tomcat 994 inc vat. 100 deposit
32.67 a month total payback 1276.
6850 core2 duo 8800gtx, 2g memory, asus motherboard, 22" acer monitor.

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