Looking For New Lappy Bag !

  Wirral Bagpuss 22:25 27 Jul 2007

I am thinking of buying a nice new Laptop bag that is trendy and fun. Anyone got any suggestions? I have a roshiba 15 4 widescreen if that helps!

  wjrt 23:12 27 Jul 2007
  Forum Editor 23:37 27 Jul 2007

as far as I'm concerned. I've tried lots of them in my time, and this one beats them all, hands down.

click here

  Jake_027 23:38 27 Jul 2007

click here

It's great-fits in a laptop charger as well and also other paperwork, plus, it doesn't look like a laptop bag from the outset. I'd recommend tech air-their bags seem really sturdy, especially when compared to some of the bags in PC World. Plus they're cheaper too, and you get at 3 months free iTrak. There is a code on the bag, and a sticker for your laptop, so if someone ever finds it they can email iTrak the code who will then pass the location of the bag onto you.

Whatever you do, buy online, as its much cheaper than stores. Feel free to have a look round somestores though, to get an idea for what you might want.

  Jake_027 23:39 27 Jul 2007

click here

incase the above isn't "trendy and fun" enough!

  laurie53 08:27 28 Jul 2007

T K Maxx (no connection)

  wee eddie 08:53 28 Jul 2007

lay in the bag being recognisably the cheapest available.

The logic being that with so little being spent on the bag, the lappy inside was likely to be worth little.

The same goes for suitcases. The Prada ones have the best goodies inside!

  Wirral Bagpuss 09:03 28 Jul 2007

Thanks for the replies. My budget was to spend under £50. The tech air ones look nice and not too obviously a laptop bag! The one i have my eyes on is this

click here

or this one which i like cause of it's colour and has more space:

click here

Will have a look round when i get paid and let you know what i finally end up with !! :)

  v1asco 14:44 28 Jul 2007

I agree with wee eddie. I travel loads, my laptop is in a scruffy back pack, student type back packs around now, cheap, with laptop section plus sections for pens, files etc.

I have often thought that having a bag with Targus/Dell etc was the same as saying Mug Me.

I was on the Docklands railway once when 2 large gents sat down oppisite. One had a laptop, neither knew how to open it! They asked me if I knew how to. I pleaded ignorance. They got off after a couple of stops. I have often wondered wether it was theirs and if I would have still had my £2k worth of lap top if my bag had Targus written on it!

  The Brigadier 18:12 28 Jul 2007

Bought my last two in Staples.
Targus basic one + free mouse for £20

  pj123 18:49 28 Jul 2007

As bugle says, get something nondescript.

A Tesco Bag for Life (10p) would suit me.

Don't advertise what you have got!

I have a friend who has a very successful business and he takes all his cash takings to the bank in a silly carrier bag. Never been mugged yet.

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