Looking for a new Graphics Card - advice sought

  Garethandmanda 18:01 12 Aug 2010

First time on the forum and after some advice on purchasing a newer graphics card. PC spec is: running XP SP3, Pentium 4 3.2g, motherboard GA-8I848PM, 1024MB RAM. Current graphics is Radeon 9600 but wondering if anyone has advice on a replacement newer option. Not a huge gamer, but my options are restricted with the 9600 (I think - willing to be corrected on this). Looking at mid prices, and would also like to know if I would need to upgrade anywhere else im my PC to accomodate. Any help and advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

  Hercule Marple 21:19 12 Aug 2010

Reasonable budget option:-

click here

Best AGP card available (Unlikely to be bettered, because AGP is dead):-

click here

Your power supply might not be up to powering the second option.

  Hercule Marple 21:25 12 Aug 2010

This one fits midway between the other two in the performance stakes:-

click here

Not much choice now when it comes to buying an AGP graphics card. No new nVidia ones since the 79xx series in 2007. Only those ATI 4650 and 4670 cards left that are worth buying.

  Matt Egan 16:15 13 Aug 2010
  Hercule Marple 16:20 13 Aug 2010

Yes, but all that info. is about PCIe graphics cards. His motherboard supports AGP, not PCIe.

  Hercule Marple 13:16 15 Aug 2010

Was the advice useful?

  Garethandmanda 15:11 15 Aug 2010

Going to try the mid range version (Sapphire). Thanks very much for the info - greatly appreciated

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