Looking for a mid-high end gaming PC

  Serchu_ 14:36 07 Mar 2015

Hi there guys,

This is the first time I write here, so please let me know if there is something wrong with my post. So, this is my situation: I arrived several months ago to the UK, I have saved some money and now I would like to buy a mid-high end desktop gaming PC.

I don't need a gaming beast, nor the very best graphic card at all, since the games that I use to play are kinda "old": League of Legends, Age of Wonders 3 and Starcraft 2 mostly, but I like to play on ultra settings with a good performance. This is a brief list of my requirements:

  • Cooling: this is probably my highest priority, the PC must be as silent as possible.
  • Graphics: as I said I don't need the very best, but I would rather go for an NVIDIA card.
  • Case: nothing fancy, it can be the ugliest, I only care for price & cooling.
  • Hard drive: I was thinking about a solid state drive, and maybe a secondary hard disk.
  • Optical drive: Any standard DVD recorder will do.
  • Monitor: I will use just one display, in case that matters.
  • OS: I already own a Windows 7 license, so I don't need any.
  • Budget: about £1000, and up to £1300 if the computer really worths it.

I would appreciate if you could tell me where to buy such a PC online or in the UK (I live in Bristol). Honestly I prefer to buy a pre-built PC instead of buying independent parts and building it myself.

Thanks a lot!

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