looking for a good small laptop to travel with?

  CT_MK 11:09 06 Jul 2009

I'm going backpacking and wanting to get a small light laptop that has a good battery life.
But it mut be able to handle photoshop and playing movies (not online).

I was looking at the Dell mini 10v but am worried it would not be able to handle Photoshop CS3 very well. All i want it for is surfing the web, playing movies on my Hard drive and photoshop editing. And because i will be traveling with it, it should be light and have a decent battery. But i also dont wnat to pay too much. the cost of the mini 10v is fine with me.

Any suggestions?

  MrNewName 12:37 06 Jul 2009

I don't know about Photoshop CS3 but I have used AdobeLightroom 2 on an Asus 901 with windows and 2GB RAM. It's slow but does the job for me.

It will also play films fine - they were ripped to a hard disk and run off and external drive.

I'm not aware of the Dell but can say that the Asus gives a good 4 to 5 hours of film watching / LR work.

  CT_MK 12:56 06 Jul 2009

The Dell mini 10v only has 1 GB RAM, and I'm concerned the intel Atom wont be able to handle photoshop (however I only use it to edit pics, crop and resize).
I also heard about a 10" Samsung which has similar specs but they say the battery life is about 9hrs :)

  Curio 18:22 06 Jul 2009

Do you mean this one?
click here

  Curio 18:24 06 Jul 2009

Or this earlier one
click here

  CT_MK 18:29 06 Jul 2009

no I think it was this one:

click here

  Curio 19:51 06 Jul 2009

The NC10 was the one That should have appeared in my second post. Bought one for the wife. Good keybard, but no DVD/CD drive. A USB drive will correct that if you want one.

  wjrt 19:59 06 Jul 2009
  CT_MK 20:22 06 Jul 2009

Thanks guys:
the Samsung N120 sounds and looks good. but the big question, and the most important for me at this stange is whether they can handle photoshop without much stress. All I will be doing is resizing and correcting colours on 10mega pixel pics taken in RAW and Jpeg. as well as watching movies and surfing the net

  CT_MK 20:54 06 Jul 2009

I've also seen the HP Pavilion dv2.
click here

Looks good too. Same specs (1GB RAM, 160GB HD) but a different chip - AMD Athlon Neo Processor

  ICF 21:25 06 Jul 2009

Is this one too big click here

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