looking for a good printer

  booner 20:38 25 Jun 2003

hi all, i am looking for a good cheap printer up to about eighty pound.also trying to find one with seperate colour cartridges,for cheap running costs.Any ideas

  wee eddie 18:13 26 Jun 2003

why there has been so little response to your thread.

A little time looking through the threads, and using the word "printer" in the search window. This will reveal more than thirty lines of discussion in the last week.

Admittedly rather more specific than your request, but then to be able offer our suggestions, we would need to know more of your requirements.

How about investing in a copy of PCA and looking in the back, visit the sites of several other magazines and look at their review sections.

And when you've had a wee rummage, come back and ask something along the lines of -

Photo Printing - Zigger 251 or PST 880 - Which is better?

Then people can give you their own experience of each machine. But beware! There are as many disaster stories as there are plaudits.

  KARINA 22:38 26 Jun 2003

Wee Eddie........ i agree.........i think we've talked about printers until we're blue in the face.......and it does get a bit boring recommending the same printers over and over again.......see previous threads..........and also i think the other reason why so little response bonner.......your budget is a bit on the low side for single ink cartridge printers.........and lastly you haven't specified if you want to print basic stuff or photos or what......i just had to add my view.........because i've looked at the responses for this thread about 3 or 4 times............

  booner 17:54 27 Jun 2003

Thanks for your remarks,sorry to bore you karina,im a bit new to this site,still getting used to it finding my way around.But i will take a look at other threads and maybe get some ideas Ta.

  wee eddie 18:15 27 Jun 2003

Remember - what we all put here are only opinions.

There is a wide variation in experience and expertise here. I, for instance, am just finishing kindergarten, but have become an addict, so beware, the site is habit forming.

  tanzanite 18:56 27 Jun 2003

just wondering if you had came across a printer yet,i to am on the look out for one but after reading your replies thought it best not to put message in foroum,the cannon S330 is meant to be ok and i see currys is doing the epson C42plus at half price which is 34.99.let me no if you come across something good!

  KARINA 19:18 27 Jun 2003

Booner........i am quite new to this site as well......i only came accross it at the beginning of June...and like wee eddie says......you do get addicted to it.........i look at all the threads everyday......just to see if i can answer anything.......about 9 times out of 10 i usually can't...........i can recommend you the Canon i850 (although the Canon i550 is cheaper) it has had great reviews from click here especially the i320 if your not after quality but quantity.........i still haven't got the hang of the 'click here' yet wee eddie...........

  KARINA 19:20 27 Jun 2003

Eureka.......i got it (the click here's).......also forgot to add .....compatible cartridges for the i320 are £4.99 for both colour and black............and the printer is £44 from ebuyer................now i'm sure someone else will come up with the HP/Epson printers...........lol

  KARINA 19:36 27 Jun 2003

We are all here to help you out.......if your not sure about the previous threads then click here, if like me who was very Duh! when i first discovered the threads.....and didn't realise what 'click here' meant.............then you'll realise that everyone here are absolutely brilliant and they help (in fact overhelp) you through every stage.........

  Andybear 19:49 27 Jun 2003


I totally agree with you. If I had to pay for all the technical support I've had from this site, either through posting my own threads or picking up information from ones already on here, I'd be bankrupt. I've even managed to answer a couple myself :-) I've also become totally addicted to it, and having recently switched to broadband, there's no hope for me!

  booner 22:27 27 Jun 2003

hi tanzanite,no i have not found a printer yet but i like the idea of the canon with separate ink tanks witch would seem to be cheaper to run.I did have a lexmark x75 but had so much trouble i sent it back.And that has put me off the all in one printer/scanner format a bit.STILL LOOKING.

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