Looking for gaming PC MAX £500 GBP

  EhsanA 22:17 05 Apr 2009

Im looking for a new pc which has atleast the following spec:

6gb ram
vista home premium
core 2 duo or quad core
500gb hard drive
dvd rewriter

let me know of your suggestions

  MAT ALAN 23:04 05 Apr 2009

Is this £500 to include a VGA card and monitor.

if so i would say you are underestimating a tad (a big tad actually) what you THINK you can get for your money...

click here
click here

the links will give you a good idea about how much you really need to spend, 6gb of memory and a 500gig HD, HO HUM!!!!

  EhsanA 15:30 06 Apr 2009

i dont neeed moniter

  Woolwell 23:23 06 Apr 2009

Assume that you will be running Vista 64 bit with 6Gb RAM.

The most important component of a gaming system is the graphics card, so I would recommend that you get at least a Radeon 4850 which can be had for £115 these days click here.

The CPU is important too, so try not to cut corners there if possible. The AMD Phemon II X4 810 is a good buy at the moment at £145, but I think that may be stretching your budget a little too much!

Remember though that hard drives and RAM and much easier (and economical) to upgrade than the CPU and graphics card.

  EhsanA 17:49 07 Apr 2009

ok thanks

  inmymind 18:43 07 Apr 2009

If you fancy a go at overclocking, the intel e5200 is a cracking little cpu. Its quite an easy overclock too, at about £60 its a bargain.

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