Looking to buy a new pc. NEED HELP!!!!

  kingtaz 13:28 08 Oct 2006

im looking to buy a new pc. wanting one with about 1gb ram and minimum 100gb HD. looking for it to be pretty fast so i can play games etc. not really sure of difference between pentium processors and athlon ones so if anyone could inform me that would be great. dont need a monitor or xp cos ive got that. just the base unit. Anyone know good internet sites where i can get a good deal? price range £300-400. Live in glasgow if anyone knows good retailers in the area. Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 13:47 08 Oct 2006

Take a look at Novatech - sounds like they provide just what you want: click here

I'm not sure about the graphics card though - how good it is for games. Someone else will have to advise on that.

  citadel 15:38 08 Oct 2006

for £300 to £400 you will not anything good enough for modern games. you will be better off with an xbox.

  kingtaz 16:53 08 Oct 2006

playing lots of games is not a priority but just want it to be capable of running newer high-spec games.

  Totally-braindead 19:14 08 Oct 2006

You'll need a minimum Nvidia 7600GS or 6600GT. The 7600GS is meant to be the replacement for the 6600GT and is a little bit faster, not much just a bit.
I have a 7600GS and so far its played everything with all graphics options on at 1024x768. If your monitor can play higher than this then I think perhaps you need a bit more oomph and will need to increase it a bit.
I have to point out as citadel has that you will be struggling to get a PC fast enough to play the latest games at this price range.
My PC I have now cost about £350 but I used a lot of the components off my old PC. I didn't need Windows as I already had it and used the optical drives, floppy, monitor, keyboard and speakers.
If you are able to do this then you could get a system for your price. Get a Novatech barebones, something like this click here add a hard drive 200 gig SATA approx £50 add a floppy drive £8 add a 7600GS PCI Express graphics card £69.98. Total approx £300. Don't think I missed anything assumming your using the old CD Roms etc

Or something like this click here but its overbudget and you would need to add for a half decent graphics card.

  kingtaz 20:37 08 Oct 2006

what was the second link supposed to be? was the same as the first one. would you say that nova tech are the best? are there any other sites where you can select exactly what you want for your pc (other than dell)? cheers

  Totally-braindead 21:05 08 Oct 2006

Second link was meant to be this click here there are many who will build a system to your spec but they tend to be a bit pricier. I'm sure others will provide links to them. The Novatech PCs are not the best, you won't get the best for that sort of money but they are reasonable quality, excellent value and good after sales service.

For the best you are looking at something like this click here I suggested Novatech because of your budget.

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