Looking for advice on purchase of Ink Jet Printer

  ROOPS14 17:39 30 Apr 2003

My Epsom Stylus Colour 680 has just expired. I was happy with the print quality of the machine(for both text and graphics) - but the "build" was obviously rubbish as I've only had the thing about 18 months. Can anyone offer advice on what I should replace it with? I want something that will last, has reasonable running costs, with good quality printing capability - and I don't want to spend more than £120 quid if I can help it. Finally..anybody want to need 3 black and 2 colour print cartridges that are now surplus to requirements?

  Macaonasa 18:34 30 Apr 2003

My local Lidl store is selling a Lexmark Z34 for £23.99!

I don't know if there is a branch near you.

  malgall 19:32 30 Apr 2003

i have an epson 760 a bit older than your 680
and have been looking at replacing it first
thing was to look at the makes HP printers
ink is not cheap. canon printers get
good reviews but i am happy with epson
so many printers so i compared my printers
photo results with some friends i was suprised
at how little they had improved
a friend of mine had a 680 and changed it to
an epson 830 he says it is better but
not as much as he thought it would

  PA28 19:47 30 Apr 2003

As you have rightly identified, it's the running costs and not the initial purchase price that is important. If it's any help, I have a pair of Lexmark MFDs (X83s). They're great, work well, produce good quality general purpose output, and have each consumed many times their initial purchase price in ink in the time that I've had them - which is less than a year.

The cheapest colour inkjet that I've ever had was an HP720C. Long discontinued, this was a wonderful workhorse with massive inktanks at reasonable usage costs. Other HP users might comment on the current range.

  siouxah1 20:38 30 Apr 2003

Roops 14,

Have recently purchased HP PS7150. Excellant output, and within your price range. Use it for photo printing.

Have always used Canon before. Worth looking at Canon types as print head is separate from printer and ink tanks. They also do some with separate colour tanks.

I refill the canon tanks without problem. Check cartridge costs on all suitable printers. Still use BJC 7000 for all other work.

Regards Brian j

  gudda96 08:59 01 May 2003


  saburini 16:08 02 May 2003

The problem with some current printers is the use of cartridges having monitoring chips with built in expiry dates,causing non operation especially if refilling is tried.Best to look at printers that will use easily available compatible cartridges.However for quality printing or photos then the manufacturers cartridges should be used.The older printers of course lack the performance of newer models if one considers photo or other detailed graphics work.
So it's horses for courses again!

  rins36 19:03 02 May 2003

I have the Epson Stylus Photo 830, upgraded from the Epson 670. The pictures are brill, bought it from Asda & it cost £93.94

  Djohn 00:32 03 May 2003

I had the Epson 600 for two and a half years, it gave me excellent service, and though I wanted a new printer I was dubious about changing brands.

Anyway I took the plunge and bought an HP 7350. Right from the first print of text, I was converted, speed, quality, and the lack of noise was astounding.

Coloured graphics are first class, and when you change one of the cartridges, (Black) to another colour you then have 6 colour printing for photo's, absolute knockout quality. Very happy with it.! J.

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