looking 4 monitor with speakers and audio out jack

  marada 15:16 23 Oct 2010

I am trying to find a monitor over 24” that has 2 or more hdmi ports, speakers and some kind of audio out option – such as a headphone jack, or other audio out. It seems the main problem is finding one with some sort of audio output, although I have seen a few monitors with headphone jacks - but can't remember which ones?

I would be really grateful if anybody could suggest some suitable models?

  GaT7 15:36 23 Oct 2010

What's your budget?

Would you rather its aspect ration be 16:10 (1920x1200 res) or 16:9 (1920x1080 res)?

Will you be doing any pro/semi-pro graphics work on it? Do you require excellent viewing angles?

Would you mind if it was a monitor-cum-TV with Freeview tuner? G

  marada 17:26 23 Oct 2010

I definately don't want it to have a built in tuner (don't want any problems with TV licensing) I know I don't need a TV license for owning such equipment if I don't use it to receive live broardcasts, however I would rather keep well away from any devices with built in tuners.

As for budget it would be good to pick something up secondhand for £200 or less. If there is nothing in this price range please just list some models.


  GaT7 19:26 23 Oct 2010

Benq E2420HD click here / /product_detail.cfm?product=1561&pltag=50&ptag=121 / £158 click here
Speaker: 1.5W x 2
A headphone jack and additional ports for audio in and audio out make it easy to enjoy music from any source.

ViewSonic VX2439WM click here / £158 click here
Stereo speakers with SRS® Premium Sound
Audio: 3.5mm audio in / 3.5mm audio out

Iiyama B2409HDS click here / £187 click here
Speakers: 2 x 2 W (Stereo)
Headphone connector:Yes
Output connector: headphone socket

"...pick something up secondhand" - from where, like eBay?

The reason I asked if it can be a TV too is because inbuilt speakers on TVs are usually much better than those on monitor-only screens. Read the reviews for the above at eBuyer click here.

As you know, owning a TV doesn't stipulate that one needs a licence if one can ensure it's being used only for activities other than watching/recording a TV signal as it's being broadcast (click here & click here). Of course, if you already own a TV & paying for its licence then you wouldn't have to buy another licence if you purchased another TV. G

  GaT7 19:28 23 Oct 2010

Sorry, the BenQ E2420HD links again click here / £158 click here. G

  marada 20:07 23 Oct 2010

THanks for the links. I was looking at the BenQ E2420HD as it seems a really good monitor aprart from the speakers. I watched a youtube review and the speakers really are that bad. I know I am not going to get superb quality on a monitor, however the speakers on the benQ are so bad that they sound faulty. I even have an old clock raido from the 1970s that sounds much better than those speakers. Do you know of anything with better audio quality.

With regards to the TV license, the problem is TV licensing officers can be very dishonest. Also this is for my living room so it is visible from the window. So I would rather skip anything with a built in tuner. The TV license people are on commission and have been caught many times telling lies to try and get people done.

Anyway any suggestions on anything with better quality audio? Even bigger screens that may be a tad more expensive. As I say I don't mind secondhand from ebay etc.

  marada 20:12 23 Oct 2010

I mainly want to use the monitor to hook up an external blu ray player, and also for use with a laptop for playing music, videos etc. This is why I want speakers on there of resonable quality. an audio out port is also important as at a latter date I may hook it up to an amp, and this way I can cut down on cables etc without having to feed everything into an amp. I know it sounds strange but I likee everything tidy.

  marada 03:54 25 Oct 2010

any other suggestions?

  wee eddie 12:10 25 Oct 2010

the Speakers, usually built into Monitors, are usually rather less than brilliant.

I would recommend that, to match the visual quality of Monitor that you are planning to buy, a set of external Speakers would give you more compatible sound.

  GaT7 15:03 25 Oct 2010

The ViewSonic VX2439WM may be a better option sound-wise? 'Stereo speakers with SRS® Premium Sound'. Read a few reviews to see what the sound is like.

As wee eddie suggests, another option would be to buy external, self-powered (amplifier built-in) speakers - a 2.1 set preferably. These will have some bass at least, while most monitor speakers will sound 'tinny' in comparison. This Logitech set click here for £16-17 will be better than most (if not all) speakers you're likely to find in a monitor. There are better ones & a wide choice - see click here. Also consider good 2.0 speakers click here if a subwoofer will leave you short of space.

Getting external speakers should also increase your choice of monitors, & being self-powered, will not need a separate amp to drive them. You don't need an audio port either as they will be plugged into your PC's soundcard or Blu-Ray player (not too sure about plugging in speakers into the latter though - you'll need to do some research there).

Regarding better sounding monitors, your guess is as good as mine. Reading independent/user reviews may help you get a better idea. G

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