London Gultronics

  Bailey08787 13:37 05 Feb 2003

Just a word of advice on Gultronic stores, which are dotted around the Tottenham Court Road area of London.

This past weekend I set off to Tottenham COurt Road (which has a little nucleus of electronic/computer stores). Gultronics is the first you say when emerging from the tube as it's quite a big place - and there's lots of these stores dotted around nearby.

I was looking to buy either a Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 soundcard, or possibly the Audigy 2 - available from stores like dabs for £44 & £88 respectively.

But I was hoping to pick one up and take it home that day - so off I went searching round all the various shops, checking prices.

Overall, prices on both products were marked up by around 20-30 pounds. Not Gultronics though - with me posing as 'naive innocent, ready-to-be-taken-advantage of type-of-guy', Gultronics attempted to sell me the Fortissimo (RRP £44) for £149. I was amazed, and felt so sorry for (ie) innocent consumers who get ripped off like this.

I laughed in his face, told the salesman he was a conman, and proceeded to shop elsewhere - eventually picking up an Audigy 2 for £75 - good deal i believe.

So if you've got anyone who you think may go out on your behalf and innocently buy you a present - make sure you warn them not too without checking prices elsewhere first


  €dstow 15:08 05 Feb 2003

I don't think it's particularly this company, it's most around Tottenham Court Road and the one's round the corner on Oxford Street.

They charge what they think they can get away with. Remember that most visitors to these shops are tourists, perhaps on a day trip. They are seen as fair game and gullible (is that the root of GULtronics?). Punter goes in shop, asks a price and is told some ludicrous figure plucked from nowhere. If he hesitates he may get told that they can do a better or special deal and the price goes down to twice rather than three times the real one.

If the punter bites that shop has made loads of money and most times the rip off is not realised until the poor purchaser has got home and it's not worthwhile going back, say, from Northumberland, to get recompense. The ones that do go back might get something done about it but even so, the shop always wins.

I work not far from there, I see it all - regularly!!

Cynical? Moi? Never!


  rickf 15:20 05 Feb 2003

Must say that I have had the same experience. I often wondered in these shops and asked for the price of items out of curiosity. BTW, Maplin has just opened there and their prices are generally very fair.

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