Logitech X 230 Speakers

  rawprawn 15:21 13 Dec 2005

Can anyone recomend these or any other speakers for my Desktop? I have the original Dell speakers (4 years old Dell dimension 4300)and would llike something a bit better without spending the earth.
click here There seem to be 3 speakers here, is that right and are they just plug and play?

  flyingbrit 16:57 13 Dec 2005

Yea, it looks from the spec of those speakers, that all you need to connect them to your pc is a headphone socket and an audio line in, which you will be using for your present speakers.And yes ther are 3 speakers(2.1)one sub-woofer and two satalites.

  flyingbrit 17:01 13 Dec 2005

and yes they have a good review on Computer buyer.

  rawprawn 17:25 13 Dec 2005

Thank you for that, just a question. My current speakers just have 1 plug into the PC, and if I want to use headphones (Which I don't) I plug into the main speaker. Am I right in thinking that it will be just 1 line into the PC on these speakers?

  GaT7 17:58 13 Dec 2005

If I may answer flyingbrit's question, yes. The 2 satellite speakers plug into the subwoofer box, & ONE lead from the subwoofer plugs into your soundcard. Headphones, if used, will need to be plugged directly into the soundcard.

If you've only ever used a pair of standard desktops speakers, 2.1 speakers will be a big improvement. When I moved on several months ago I was blown away - it was a Creative 2.1 set (model: 2700 Slim) I got off eBay for 1/2 price. G

  flyingbrit 18:05 13 Dec 2005

From the look of the specs they will have two connections on the sub-woofer, one goes to audio line in(I would think to power the sub-woofer)and the other goes to headphone socket. Then the two satalite speakers plug into the sub-woofer. (The satalite speakers do not plug directly into pc)

  flyingbrit 18:10 13 Dec 2005

Am I right in thinking you mean there's only 1 connection to the pc from the sub? I don't know as I've got 5.1 system which has three. The way I read it in the specs is there's 2 from sub, 1 to audio line in and 1 to headphone socket, am I reading it wrong?

  rawprawn 18:23 13 Dec 2005

Thank you both for your help, as you will have guessed I don't know much about speakers or their connectivity. However with your help I think I am now OK and I will order these from Amazon.
Have a nice Christmas.

  GaT7 18:26 13 Dec 2005

flyingbrit, I've just had a look at the specs again, as well as, at Logitech click here.

Apparently it has a headphone socket for private listening, so one would need to plug the appropriate cable into the soundcard headphone socket if one was going to make use of the feature. Apart from that, there is (should be?) only 1 connection from PC to sub.

My set doesn't have a headphone socket, & so I mistakenly thought this Logitech one doesn't either. G

  flyingbrit 18:34 13 Dec 2005

Have a nice Christmas

  GaT7 18:51 13 Dec 2005

To you too guys : ) G

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