Logitech MX5000

  brake-for-moose 15:20 05 Jul 2007

Does anyone have experience of using a Logitech MX5000 cordless laser desktop keyboard and mouse? It looks the business, but is that the case? Would be grateful for any suggestions for alternatives. I’m ideally looking for a Bluetooth set up.
Kind regards,

the reviews dont look good
click here

  brake-for-moose 16:11 05 Jul 2007

Thanks Raven - any alternatives that are reliable?

i havent sorry,but ill watch this space as im looking for similar items
spilt wine on my keyboard(doh) currently using a £2.50 cheapy and its doing my head in.

  Mike D 17:05 05 Jul 2007

See my post click here , I was very disappointed in the kit itself and Logitechs lack of interest.

I exchanged mine for a Microsoft Laser 6000 set after a week. Ok mouse isn't rechargeable, but it's only on it's second set of batteries sine Feb 06 so I can live with that. At least iot works!


  brake-for-moose 18:11 05 Jul 2007

Thanks Mike - I'm sorry I missed your posting. I ran a search on Logitech MX5000 before putting up this post & nothing came back...? I have now read your comments & will steer clear of the Logitech MX5000.
I appreciate your thoughts. Cheers.

  I am Spartacus 20:02 05 Jul 2007

FE recommended the Logitech diNovo Edge click here a while ago.

It's bit pricey but despite having a Enermax Aurora I decided to get one to use with my laptop.

It's got the 'edge' (sorry) on feel over the Enermax. The key action is excellent and the track pad is very effective after fine tuning and a couple of days use.

It connects via bluetooth and after a couple of hours charging will give around 1 months usage (according to the blurb).

I have no problems at all with the bluetooth connectivity, it just works, all the time.

I have sold my soul to the diNovo Edge and it's all FE's fault.

It has programmable keys and is very easy to set up.

The main snag for me is that it hasn't got a numeric pad but as I'm now learning to touch type this is becoming less of an issue than I thought.

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