Logitech excellent service

  FatboySlim71 08:58 28 Jun 2008

I thought I would share my experience with Logitech's customer service.

I have owned a Logitech MX Revolution mouse since the beginning of March 2008, all has been well until last week when my scroll wheel started to not work right, anyone who has an MX Revolution will know about the scroll wheel's freespin feature, well basically the scroll wheel on my mouse would engage into freespin but would only spin for a second and then stop, the scroll wheel did not feel the same (I could feel some resistance when I rotated it).

I got in touch with Amazon first as this is where I purchased it from, Amazon basically told me to contact Logitech (which I did).

Logitech went through all the usual, i.e. Try uninstalling/reinstalling the software, try using it on a different computer, but none of this made any difference, after I had notified them of this they asked me to scan and attach to the email a copy of my sales invoice/receipt, after doing so I got an email back from Logitech saying that they had shipped me a new mouse. The mouse was getting sent from Germany so I was expecting it towards the middle of next week, yesterday (2 days after it had been sent) the mouse arrived. I just hope this mouse doesn't suffer the same problem as the other.

Excellent service Logitech!

  spuds 10:25 28 Jun 2008

Its nice to read how some companies deal with customers, and offer a excellent service. Especially when a replacement is sent from overseas in a very short time. I wonder why some UK based companies and service agents cannot offer a similar service. All to often, we read of peoples bad experiences, that can sometimes show a company in their true light.

I had a problem with a Kodak camera, and within a week the matter was resolved with no hindrance to me. Kodak arranged everything from the UK to Belgium and back, and even supplied some freebies as a goodwill gesture.

  ened 14:43 28 Jun 2008

I have a Logitech MX1000 mouse.

I had it for some time and the warrenty was long gone.

One of the little pads on the base fell off and I contacted them to ask about purchasing a replacement.

They immediately emailed me asking for my address and sent me half a dozen replacements FOC.

Definitely impressive in these days of large companies not really offering proper customer care!

  ened 11:47 19 Nov 2008

Logitech are talking about replacing my MX1000 with a Revolution and on their website it states can be installed on Vista but you need an internet connection.

This is not a problem but can you possibly tell me why?

Sorry to butt in on your thread but I started my own and wrote it out wrong.

BTW I am using Vista Ultimate 64

  FatboySlim71 11:53 19 Nov 2008

No problem ened.

The only thing I could think of why you need an Internet connection would be to download the setpoint software, or to keep the setpoint software up to date with the latest versions.

Have you got a link to where it says "can be installed on Vista but you need an internet connection"?

  ened 11:57 19 Nov 2008

Here is the link

click here

  FatboySlim71 12:14 19 Nov 2008

I see where you mean, its under the specifications tab.

To be honest I can't think why it mentions it for Vista but not for XP. Maybe a typo on Logitech's part, it should maybe have had said "requires internet connection" besides XP as well?

The only reason I can think of is what I have mentioned earlier.

You could always contact Logitech using the below link and ask them why if you wanted to.

click here

  ened 12:31 19 Nov 2008

Thanks for that.

I have had an incredible experience with Logitech and once it is over I shall start a new thread to sing their praises also.

  donki 12:33 19 Nov 2008

I had a problem with fading keys on a keyboard which was about 6 months old, contacted logitech and a new keyborad set was with me the next day. Great service.

  FatboySlim71 12:38 19 Nov 2008

Its nice to hear of the good experiences people have, because a lot of the time we only hear about a place when things have gone wrong.

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