Local optician free eye test + glasses

  Armchair 16:15 30 Apr 2009

Am on Contributions Based Jobseekers Allowance atm. Was passing a local optician's today, and noticed an advert in teir window:-

"Free Eye Test and Glasses", with a list of those that qualified. One of them was was those on "Jobseekers Allowance".

I went in and enquired and was told that I did qualify. I mentioned twice that I only received Contributions Based, and not Income Based Jobseekers. "That's fine", I was told. A few hours later I went for the eye test and was given a form to sign. I'm glad I read it properly, because it clearly states that only those on Income Based qualify. If I'd blindly signed that, I could have found myself in court or soemthing.

When I told them that I didn't qualify, there followed a five minute discussion which made it clear that both members of staff had little idea of who should qualify. One of them tried to make out that I really should know which type of Jobseekers I was receiving! Then they asked if I still wanted to go ahead with an eye test (for £18). No way I was giving them any business after what had already happened.

Fortunately, they only have the one shop, so hopefully not many other people will be similarly bamboozled.

Just venting my spleen a bit.

PS WIsh I hadn't saved so diligently over the eyars, then I would have received both types of Jobseekers, along with a whole host of other freebies. Hoefully I'll find work soon (been out of work for two weeks so far, a total of 8 weeks over the last 21 years before anyone has a go at me for been a scrounger, lol), but if I get made redundant again I'm going to make damned sure that I have little or no savings in my name.

  bluto1 21:40 30 Apr 2009

I think a good upgrade in the PC line beckons, or even better a nice holiday. It's shameful that so many people in positions of authority have never learnt to interpret English correctly, and end up making you look like the guilty party.

  Armchair 10:35 01 May 2009

Sent them an email to clarify things. probably be ignored. Doesn't matter now. Nor does this topic.

ANyhow, I'm too busy to make topics. I should be searching for ways to scrounge stuff, lol.

  anchor 16:52 01 May 2009

The moral of this story is "Don`t Save"; You lose out if you do.

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