Lloyds TSB & CC Fraud

  mark2 18:16 21 Jul 2010

A bit of a rant, and some advice required also.

On 15th April an emergency cash advance of £679.59 was drawn (in the US) on my lloyds tsb CC.
Charged according to the statement on 19th April.
I checked my statement online and immediately reported it on 25th April.
Letter received from lloyds saying details passed to fraud dept. So far so good.

Customer service ?
Now it goes awry.

On 13 July I receive a text telling me
"as a reminder you'll need to return the information within 10 days".

At this point, nothing had arrived in the post, so 20 mins on the phone explaining I haven't had a request for information, elicits the response that they need the details of the disputed transaction and I should fax the details.

So I dutifully faxed the details and backed it up with a letter.

Nothing heard by this morning so a series of phone calls (about an hour) passed from dept to dept and I eventually get passed on to the fraud dept.

They tell me I won’t get a refund as the cardholder was present and the pin was entered.

After being a little upset but polite and explaining that there was no way I could have been there as I was at work in Bath at the time. I was Mot testing and possibly using the Vosa Computer, mentioning the lack of air traffic owing to the volcanic ash cloud too, they eventually pass me on to the lost and found dept, who also tell me they can’t do refunds.

However the young lady takes all my details regarding this dispute and promises to chase it up for me. She also tells me the card was used at a Western Union outlet.

I know I can prove my whereabouts at 8:30 am on that date and can possibly back it up from the test log on my Vosa Mot device (depending how far back the log details go).

Now just awaiting a further response from them.

But I’d like to have all my ducks in a row in case it has to go further, who should I contact if they still insist on saying no ?

  961 18:50 21 Jul 2010

It's important to realise that Banks have recently been reminded that it is their responsibility to prove fraud in this sort of case and not for the customer to prove innocence

Write a polite letter, detailing the facts, to J Eric Daniels
Chief Executive
Lloyds TSB Group
25 Gresham Street

and send it by special delivery royal mail, asking for a refund while the investigation goes on, refund of any interest charges and telephone call charges. Ask for an immediate acknowlegement failing which you will contact the Financial Ombudsman

click here

Do not waste any further time with phone calls to Bank Staff who merely pass you from one department to another

  mark2 19:13 21 Jul 2010

Thanks for the above details.

One of the staff has stated a credit of £10 will be applied to my acc to cover the phone calls, not shown up online yet tho.

I've been promised a response by Monday at the latest, but I'm not holding my breath.

Now I'm just getting all the details and supporting info to hand, we'll see what happens by Monday.

  Forum Editor 19:26 21 Jul 2010

On the one hand they know that they have a 'cardholder present and PIN entered' validity for the transaction, and on the other hand they have you, the cardholder saying 'It wasn't me'. They might quite understandably think 'well perhaps you lent your card to someone else, told that person your PIN, and now you're trying to wangle a refund'.

Look at it from their angle, and you can see how tricky it can be.

In a perfect world you'll have used your card in the UK on the same day, and there will not have been time between the two uses for the card to have travelled to America. That's the situation I was able to prove when my card was used to buy clothes in a store in Mumbai, three hours after I used it to pay for a business lunch in the West End of London. Your use of the VOSA system might do the trick for you. I got a refund to the card account, and so will you, if you can remain proactive and calm. Take 961's advice, and ask a senior bank executive to refund the card account pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

Keep a careful log of all calls and emails etc.

  lotvic 19:45 21 Jul 2010

I hope you have had that card cancelled so there can be no further fraudulent transactions.

  mark2 23:59 21 Jul 2010

Their spending pattern software was obviously having a glitch that day too, the card has never been used out of the country, unlike yours perhaps.

It becomes even more complicated as, in April Lloyds changed the account to a new number, which was activated on the day prior to checking my a/c. it was the change in number that prompted me to check the a/c online, they weren't there the week before.

  jack 08:54 22 Jul 2010

I wonder how the credit card check system works.
Is it bank by bank or is it by the Card companys themselves[Visa/ Mastercard etc.]?
I ask because very early one Saturday morning I was telephoned by my card company asking if I have been in Marrakesh the previous day.
My reply was of course no-
Thought not said the young lady 3 cash withdrawals during the course of the day, we will cancel card a new one is on its way.
Just like like that- they contacted me.
The old petrol station scam again it appears.

  HondaMan 09:17 22 Jul 2010

That sounds a bit like HSBC. They have called me twice to alert me to a fraud, cancelled my card and issued a new one, all without me having to do a thing!

  mark2 01:04 23 Jul 2010

Letter to J E Daniels sent this morning.

In the post at midday I received a letter telling me there will be no refund as card present.

One thing does seem odd, my understanding is that an emergency cash advance is issued when a card is lost or stolen.
If this is the case it makes a fallacy of the statement that the card was present.

I've never used the cash withdrawal facility so am not sure how it normally appears on the statement.

Further developments, when checking the account online today a credit has been applied, £100 for "an adjustment to your account" but a further charge of £35:70 interest.

Things get even murkier.

  mark2 14:02 23 Jul 2010

Will be applied to my account within 5 working days.

Phone call from a very nice young lady.
Was it down to the polite pressure and tears on the young lady's shoulder on Wednesday afternoon or the letter was signed for at 7.12 this morning.

But a good result anyway.

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