A little problem (really tiny)

  dumbstruck 18:41 21 Mar 2005

Can this hdd, click here be connected to this motherboard click here and turn into a SATA drive? perhaps Darren would comment.

  byfordr 18:47 21 Mar 2005

Shouldn't be a problem as far as connection goes.

Supports dual channel native SATA controller up to 150MB/s with RAID 0 or RAID 1 or 0+1
- Ultra DMA 66/100/133 master mode PCI EIDE controller

If you want a SATA drive get a SATA drive...


  Totally-braindead 18:53 21 Mar 2005

Not sure exactly what you mean by "turn into a SATA drive". An IDE drive cannot turn into a SATA drive if that is what you're asking.

  bremner 19:01 21 Mar 2005

An EIDE hard drive can not be converted into a SATA drive.

But you can get a converter which will enable SATA drives to connect to IDE and vice versa click here

Why have you started another thread when you already have this one on this subject click here

If Tiny have sold the machine as having a SATA drive and it has the WD2000BB which is a 100ATA drive then you would appear to have cause for complaint.

  dumbstruck 21:45 21 Mar 2005

Thanks for your responce guys

byfordr :Because the ad in the pc mag states it IS a SATA drive.

Totally-braindead : My thoughts exactly, Im trying to determine wether I have been 'misssold' the drives.

bremner : I started a new thread here because, on reflection, I thought it a more appropriate board.
my apologies if I have offended anyone\protocol
but Im new at this board stuff. pc user at home for 4yrs, fun mainly.
Also considering the difficulty dealing with Tiny ,I hoped to gain a response from the 'Tiny' man Darren.
Incidentally, I tried ringing them today on two different tel no's given with del pack, (HA!ha If there were smileys here this one would be pi**ing itself laughing). to be given two other tel no's because they had changed, response.... no one here to take your call, at 50p for each call (£1 each call after 30 days) thats £2 quid gone on tinys account already.

  dumbstruck 22:15 21 Mar 2005

Guys if you look at pcadvisor march 2005 issue 116
page156 what would you expect of the drives???
put me right if Im wrong.

  byfordr 23:04 21 Mar 2005

The motherboard from your link can take most types of hard drive (except scsi)

The hard drive from your link would appear to be a ata and not a serial ata drive.

If Tiny were promising a computer with a SATA drive (and not just the poteintial for it) Then I concur with the above and would say that just what you should get.

Personally nothing would induce me to buy from Tiny - Ever! I have a similiar view point to Time for many years. I would suggest if you can reject it and get something else do so. At the end of the day up to you. I can't believe the extent of profiteering charging you for your phone calls.


  Forum Editor 23:31 21 Mar 2005

into an excuse to air personal rants about Tiny. We were asked about a drive, and the question has been answered.

  Total Care Support 17:38 22 Mar 2005

Dear dumbstruck,

Thank you for your email,

First off having read both your threads. I must advise that if you chose to Flash your BIOS as you have suggested in your other post that this would invalidate your warranty. Our systems are supplied with the BIOS that the Manufacturers of the Motherboard recommend for the board. Also the OEM licence is registered to the BIOS string, Flashing your BIOS will remove this string which will mean that the OS supplied with the system will not be able to be reloaded. I know you have stated you with to install Windows XP pro, and we have no issue with your doing this, however I fail to see the need to flash your BIOS in order to do this. Just Upgrade.

Also having read your threads and your email your issue seem a little different. You state that the “Everest system check” is calling them SATA drives, But that WD is stating that they are EIDE drives.

Your email to me states that you have 2 queries you would like resolved.

1. That your salesman should have informed me that I would NOT find motherboard drivers on the driver disc or at MSI (being oem)and knowing my intentions, warned against . (product knowledge are a salesmans tools).

As you have said in your email the Driver CD 17 you received with your system did not contain the drivers for your motherboard. We try to keep our system and driver CDs as up to date as we can, however you are correct of the 31 different motherboard manuals on the Disk the MS7093 RX480 is not mentioned, this is as it is a new board at present it is waiting proof reading to be added to the next driver CD when it is published. And although I do agree that product knowledge is a salesman’s tool at present we have 90 different computer systems just on the Tiny.COM website. Although our sales staff do try to stay as up to date as possible unfortunately they are not going to know everything about everything.

2. That on investigating tools for wiping and formatting\ partitioning the harddrives at Westerndigital the drives are ide drives and not Sata hot swappable.

I am sorry that Western Digital do not do the software that you would like however I am unable to offer apologies for what software another company do or do not write. We do have some software that will enable you to remove the hidden partition from your system however we require a letter with your signature accepting that you understand that it will remove your operating system from the computer before we can release this to be sent to you.

Having looked at the adverts we are running and have run for the system that you purchased although it states “supports up to 4 SATAports and 2 IDE ports.” Under the motherboard spec under the highlights and under the tech spec for the hard drives it states “Hard Disk - 400GB (2x200) 7200 RPM ATA-100 Drive” and “Two Seagate/Western Digital/Maxtor Hard Disks with ultra ATA interface, 7200rpm speed, 2x 200GB capacity and 2MB Buffer each”.

However if you have seen an advert or review stating that it has 2 SATA drives in it please let me know which magazine it was in as there may have been a printing error that we would need to look into, if possible if you could forward me a copy of the advert it will enable me to look into this faster for you.

If there has been a printing error then we would look into changing what we can for you in good faith.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  dumbstruck 23:11 22 Mar 2005

Firstly thanks to Forum Ed, I did not post to start a 'rant' against Tiny, just for some technically knowledgable feedback.
I am actually happy overall,apart from the 2 issues raised earlier, the fact that it was delivered without notification, and just by chance my wife was home for lunch, is immaterial.

Daniel, my apologies for misnaming you, and thank you for your reply.

firstly, if you had read both my threads, you would have understood that my intention was to remove all trace of tiny from MY pc software, paid in full via credit card, with the full intention of buying my own copy of XP and therefore my own licence.
Rearding the warranty, as computers are an ever evolving device, I have replaced\upgraded parts in the past,I have never worn any out, and appreciate wear and tear. I would'nt be using tech advice lines either. With disputes, I am fully aware of my statutory rights, sale of goods acts etc or know where to find in depth info.
Call it paranoia if you will but I feel that:

a, if you tie in your modems to 'supanet', so that customers have to pay/hassle for de-optimisation.
b,Knowingly supply items incomplete as in cd 17
c, charge extortionate prices for cust services et al,

d, with exception to you, be evasive.

e, extract finances for goods within 24 hrs,14 working days to del/failure of tel numbers-to answer machines = backdoor profit.
Iwould want to ensure my pc was secure.
regarding everest, personally, I believe the manufacturer, the dos post at start up and a visual check of drives.

regarding the salesman and product knowledge, the systems may differ but the reload software routine MUST be similar for all or there would be total chaos.
A Proffesional salesman would, at least, have brochures of models, or know where to find the info, have a basic understanding of reload related software, and why their products differ from the rest? Including Our Earnestly Modified

regarding westerndigital, I found the software easily, which was to totally disinfect by wiping, and return to 'new' installation, configuring,formatting,and partitioning, so thank you for the offer.

And so to the crux of the matter:
I read many pc mags per month,the mag I was loking at is still sat on my desk and has been since I ordred. It was actually pcfo**at, Feb 2005 issue 171 page103.Exactly the same wording in PCADVISOR march 2005 issue 161 page156.all the mags carry the same ads. My pile goes back 2+yrs.
second large blue bubble down 400Gb serial ATA hard disc. motherboard spec I quote '400Gb SERIAL ATA Seagate hard disc(twin 200Gb) with fast 7200rpm speed and ultra fast Serial ATA interface, which can handle up to 4 drives. Massive capacity storing large amounts of photo's, videos,and other files-future proof and 'hot swappable' your inverts, not mine.

On typing this out, I can see where I could have been 'overly enthusiastic' and walked into a sales 'benifit'or three, are you saying 'customer COULD'add (2x200Gb) 400Gb hard disc 7200rpm ATA -100 drives but we're giving you westerndigital eide drives that plug INTO ultra ATA interface,7200rpm, 2x200Gb capacity and 2 Mb buffer each? regarding the 'hot swappable?'Oh! I get it. I t 'could' be if I...
not that I'd hot swop anything, except maybe a disc,

look,guys, fact ads say serial ATA.
my machine says eide.
If the board and software makes these drives as advert,then please, put me straight. we're all here to learn.

simple answer if a mistake has been made by Tiny sends advertised drives,and cables alldrivers for motherboard, or makes them available to me, free of charge.
I, at my own cost will return the existing drives,with all due care to Tiny.
Thank you rick.
note: Daniel, Please don't take this personally. I respect the posititon you have and appreciate your presence here, a refreshing change. thank you rick

  dumbstruck 19:25 23 Mar 2005

wed 23.3.o5 no response?

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