A little praise for Overclockers.co.uk

  AndySD 19:57 15 Apr 2003

Yesterday was the second time in 6 weeks I have brought items from this site. A PSU and yesterday a replacement fan for a GeForce 4200ti card. Both were delivered the next morning. I must admit using them is like using Dabs in the early days.... not a huge choice of goods but great service. click here

  sil_ver 20:06 15 Apr 2003

I to have bought stuff from this firm over the past year with similar results. When I inadvertently bought the wrong item, a quick phone call and the mistake was rectified, the whole process took 3 days from the original order.

  phoenix198 22:16 15 Apr 2003

I've now had four transactions through Overclockers.co.uk and each has been a model of efficiency. Well laid out site with clear navigation, lots of information and pretty reasonable prices. Delivery has been very quick, with no need to test their after sales service. One of the better on line vendors.

  Murray 23:19 15 Apr 2003

I've used them a lot over the last 18months or so, and only really had a few gripes - 95% of the time they send out stuff within 2 days.

haven't used Overclockers, so won't judge.

PS I'm intrigued - did you're GFX card fan just die - leaving the chip intact. I would have thought that would have ruined the whole card.

  Binstock 23:30 15 Apr 2003

They sent me a Load of Stuff that didn't work - I had it tested by a Local Specialist Company - the M/Board Fried their (Overclockers) Chip & Two belonging to the Local Firm.

They Refused any Refund & Promised "To Come Visit Me" if I took the Matter-Up with VISA - which I did, - they Tried to Foprce me to Accept the Same stuff By sending it Accompanied by 2 Large Men, - but this did them No Good Either - Nor did the 3 Weeks of Threatening Calls - Physical Harm was going to come to me.

If I was the Type of Person to Be Frightened by their Threats of Violence, - I could have been worried Sick.

As it was, - VISA Got my Money Back After 60 Days, & I would Recommend that Nobody Ever Trade with these People Ever Again.


  AndySD 00:00 16 Apr 2003

Nothings wrong with Dabs I have been using them since they were in a small unit in Woking Surrey some years ago.

As to the fan ... I heard a ticking from the case... looked inside and saw the fan was going very slowly... rebooted the pc...still veeeerrrry slow. Replaced the fan... no problems.

  Sisha 16:20 16 Apr 2003

Overclockers.co.uk is a name synonymous with evil!
They no more right to be on gods earth than a weasel.

  Sisha 16:20 16 Apr 2003

Overclockers.co.uk is a name synonymous with evil!
They have no more right to be on gods earth than a weasel.

  two00lbwaster 17:36 16 Apr 2003

just attepmting to get a refund from them after they havent tested my card to check it was cosher after a month and 6 days(ive been busy) so they said 7-10 days the money will be back in my account.

  Sisha 11:44 17 Apr 2003

It took them 5 months to finally admit that they had supplied faulty goods to me. I have even heard stories about someone who marked a motherboard he had sent back to them for replacement and received exactly the same board back. Threats of violence finally got him his money back!

  -pops- 11:55 17 Apr 2003

If your comments are real did you inform the police? Threats from anywhere are not to be tolerated.

Established companies offering threats such as you describe should not be allowed to trade.

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