a little praise to mesh for the now

  project 90 00:42 18 May 2007

my new mesh pc is working fine and dandy its only 3 months old roughly and it sweet as a nut quiet and fast enough

already upgraded the g card to this
click here

and hopfully getting some crucial balistice dual channel ram 2 gigs worth so bit more mem for vista to use

thanks so far mesh hope i dnt need to post the bad bits for this pc in few months :)

  Pine Man 16:43 29 May 2007

How much RAM have you at present?

If you are running a 32 bit version of Vista the most RAM it will recognise is 4GB but that also includes the RAM on graphics cards etc.

I also have a Mesh PC and I am very pleased with it but I made the mistake of trying to increase my RAM from 2GB to 4GB - failed only 3GB recognised.

Depending on your mobo you might also have to have RAM in matched pairs.

  project 90 21:12 29 May 2007

i have 1 gig atm and yes i am goin to dual channel the ram i was looking at this
click here

i am running the 32bit vista and my g card got 340mb like in link so total of round about 2.3gig of ram in total

also my sound card got 64mb on it too sound blaster faitality

  Pine Man 09:09 30 May 2007

If you have four slots for your RAM you should use matching pairs of RAM so to achieve 3GB you could have 2 slots with 1GB each and 2 slots with 512mb each you must use pairs of slots. If you don't dual channel will be disabled.

When I got my PC I had 2x1GB RAM. I bought 2X1GB RAM extra but as I said only 3GB was recognised. I removed 1GB of RAM and 3GB was still recognised but DDR dual channel was disabled so as I couldn't return the extra RAM I left all 4x1GB installed. Maybe one one day I will update to 64bit Vista and install 128GB RAM!

It is possible to use a workaround to get your PC to recognise all 4GB RAM but it will then work less efficiently than with 3GB.

Good luck.

  project 90 17:18 30 May 2007

i was just goin to get rid of this ram i have now as it running at 533mhz and new stuff 800

but think 2gig of ram should do the now as i just mainly play cs:s and cc3

i tought u could only dual channel 1 pair after that it all goes single channel? is that not right?

  Pine Man 19:17 30 May 2007

Presumably you have got 2 sticks of new 800 RAM and you are discarding the old 533 RAM.

If you check the mobo manual it will tell you which slots to put the new sticks in. It is usually the 1st and 3rd or the 2nd and 4th slots, usually they are coloured in pairs, but the RAM sticks must be a matched pair (same speed/make etc). If you do this dual channel will be enabled when you boot up and should show on the first screen as the bios boots.

If you try to install an uneven amount of sticks they will be recognised but dual channel will be disabled.

2GB will certainly be enough for what you want to achieve with Vista.

It won't hurt to put the RAM in the wrong slots but just check as you boot up to see that 'DDR Dual Channel' has been enabled and if not just change them around until you get it!

  project 90 22:35 30 May 2007

yes i have already got my 1 gig dual channel as it is 2*512 and yes they are coloured 1 pair yellow and other black

and if u go to the link in the 3rd post down that the ram i am getting 2*1gig crosair balistic to dual channel them

but i am in no rush to get the ram tho as the 1gig does me fine prob in bout a month or so :)

well hope our pc's last more than 3 years :)

nice talking

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