fitcher 12:50 21 Jan 2007

I hope I don't offend to many with that word .I have been using xandros . and find it very good .anyone out there use crossover? .and are using microsoft office versions or abobe on it ..what do you think of crossover and did you find any bugs (cheers )

  DrScott 12:57 21 Jan 2007

I think one of my concerns with linux is that it doesn't support the NTFS system which is an utter pain when everyone else uses Windows.

It makes creating a rescue linux disk for windows machines hard work!

  rodriguez 12:58 21 Jan 2007

I used Xandros before and it's a good OS - but I found it a bit too strange to use as I was used to Windows. I found Crossover a bit strange - I think it used to run small single-EXE programs but bigger ones had problems. I haven't used it for over a year though, so it might be a bit better now.

  Forum Editor 13:05 21 Jan 2007

from Speakers Corner.

  stylehurst 13:16 21 Jan 2007

Have a look at PCLinux OS; it seems to work more like Windows in many respects than other Linux distros.
I agree it doesn't handle NTFS.

If you want a Linux rescue disk for Windows Knoppix is your best bet, closely followed by PCLinux.

I use both of the above for rescue purposes & am experimenting with a view to changing to Linux if MS continues to expect exhorbitant prices for its Vista OS system.

  dms05 15:28 21 Jan 2007

I concur with stylehurst. I'm using PCLinuxOS and can highly recommend it. It works 100% on my Acer laptop with 64 bit CPU. It supports my Samsung Laser printer and various audio devices. I run Opera as my browser but Firefox runs just as well. It's Linux without any pain and deserves a wider audience. Try the PCLinuxOS LiveCD - you can run Linux directly from the CD without interfering with your HDD or any system settings. click here

  DrScott 15:33 21 Jan 2007

I use knoppix as a rescue disk, but in order to rescue files I have to format my external drive to FAT otherwise it's unable to transfer the files (annoyingly NTFS is a microsoft proprietary thing)

Games support is probably the biggest limitation to Linux, and with DirectX 10 appearing, I'm not sure if the Swedes can do much on this front :)

  stylehurst 17:06 21 Jan 2007

I agree about the problems with NTFS, but as I always use Fat32 for my data disk partition I usually get away with it.
I'm not a games person so that problem doesn't arise.

Like you I use Opera as my browser in both Windows & Linux. I also use Thunderbird as a mail client in both OSes.

  fitcher 17:44 21 Jan 2007

I find movies play on xandros ok .and it is easy to use
knopix I like but I have only used live disks of it. .the latest xandros is good .and very easy to use .near to windows .the latest suse 10.2 .I have had sound problems with .
(on board sound realtek) also, although crossxover(a zandros linux programme ) allows you to put microsoft office etc on to xandros I have had bugs with using it (ie Office .adobe ) cheers all

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