Linksys WRT54G Router purchase

  neko 18:18 01 Sep 2004

Hey all

I am about to order a Linksys WRT54G router with 4 port switch and two WMP54G PCI cards from Simply Computers.

I do not have Broadband here (used to. sob!) but I am moving to an area in april where there is ADSL. So until then I am just going to share my internet dial up through one PC and for the time being use the router as an exspensive switch.

Here is my question. I have noticed some routers have modems in them. Are they referring to built in broadband ones?(shouldn't really be called modems) or 56k dial up ones. If i get one without a modem do BT and the like supply one for the broadband? I used to have a NTL cable broadband so I don't know about this.
Also what about my choice of products. Any comments?

  nickyhp 14:13 06 Sep 2004

The WRT54G is a neat little unit but it does not have a built in modem. You will need to buy an additional device to make this work but be careful as it will not allow you to connect a USB modem, so you have to have an RJ connection. I made the mistake of thinking that the word ADSL ready meant it actually was ready to connect to the Internet -which its not. I had to buy a westell 2100 router and suffer the pain of router to bridge config (requiring a firmware update) and not what you need on xmas morning last year.
Do yourself a favour, buy a slightly more expensive wireless router with built in modem and your on to a winner.

  Rigga 14:24 06 Sep 2004

I have the linksys WAG54G, which does have the broadband modem built in, and am extremely happy with it.



  neko 16:10 06 Sep 2004

Thanks for the info.

When no one answered my thread in the first couple of days I thought maybe I had asked a really stupid question. So I ordered it and it has literally arrived whilst reading your feedback.

As you said Nic looking at the box there is only a RJ45 connection. When I go broadband with BT or whomever wont they just supply a modem that will fit in? Maybe I should have bought what you got Rigga. Well you live and learn.


  Urotsukidoji 16:24 06 Sep 2004

when you order your braodband, be sure and specify that you want an ethernet presentation for the modem NOT the usual usb presentation, i don't know but they may ask for payment for the alternative modem (if they are offering free modem at the time)if they do, shop around the ISP's to see who will give you a free ethernet modem, and then say to BT give me one free or i will go to x, y or z as they are offering a free ethernet modem.

  neko 16:38 06 Sep 2004

Thanks for replying

That is what I will do. That kind of tactic on companies does work.

When I moved here Sky wanted £45 to reconnect me even though I had been a customer for years.

I told them a lie and said I would go cable where it was free, and guess what? They suddenly discovered a deal where I didn't have to pay!!

Thanks again. I am off to set it all up!

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