On line Banking

  HXP 10:25 16 Nov 2009

RBS give you a free download to protect and validate the websites you visit, plus a card reader that gives you an authorisation code when you set up new direct debits / payments.

Barclays give you free access to Kaspersky Internet security ( 3 user licence ).

I was hoping PC advisor could pick up this thread and do a feature on ' ONLINE BANKING ' advising the readers of the best deals .....

Hopefully it will make all the banks raise their profile ?


  birdface 11:48 16 Nov 2009

They could also do the same with ISP's.
I am with Virginmedia and their free security program would I imagine come bottom of the list of Security programs.
I have always felt that the first ISP that used a decent security package would get a lot more customers.
Would I change my Bank to get a free Security program.No.If my bank offered one would I use it.Probably not.
I like the single method each program downloaded on their own.That way if you have a problem you know exactly where to look.

  Pine Man 13:02 16 Nov 2009

I bank on-line with A&L amongst several other companies and have just been offered, and downloaded, Trusteer Rapport, which appears to be recommended and offered by about 50 different financial institutions.

You can set it up on your computer to cover all online financial transactions with any company regardless of who provides the software.

Costs nothing and improves security.

  scotty 14:05 16 Nov 2009

I have also read recently that it has been recommended that a "live" linux operating system be used for on-line banking. I would be interested to see a respected publication comments on this (and the relative safety of different operating systems).

  FreeCell 14:27 16 Nov 2009

Barclays offer a card reader for authentication of on-line banking access. The Kaspersky offer is an offer to Personal banking customers to help improve the overall computer security, not to secure on-line banking access.

  morddwyd 19:34 16 Nov 2009

Suggest you look at the "Which?" website.

They have already covered this to a certain degree.

  AL47 20:38 16 Nov 2009

i got offered that by AandL but didnt download it

  Pamy 14:49 17 Nov 2009

I have found that online banking requires you to keep your computer security up to date and take all precausions whilst online. If my bank offered security software then I would consider it wise to use it, so they cannot get out of any claims for loss etc.

  HXP 20:59 17 Nov 2009

I agree with most of what has been said and I think the banks that help their customer's protect their PC's should be given a thumbs up. The ones that don't should be encouraged to offer online security products.

Banking on line is only going to grow making it more attractive to the criminal element.

I am not sure talking to people at work that everyone appreciates the need for extra care wgen using on line banking.

Anything the banks ( and PC Advisor ) can do to keep security up is a good thing.


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