Lightscribe vs printing

  DavidB71 13:01 26 Sep 2005

Can anyone help me decide between buying a lightscribe unit and appropriate media or buying a printer that will print onto printable cd or dvd (such as epson R320)? Realise the former is cheaper and is probably more rugged. The latter gets me a nice new photo printer into the bargain too though.

  pj123 13:24 26 Sep 2005

Don't know much about Lightscribe but I have an Epson R200 printer and I get 25 printable DVDs for £8 and 50 printable CDs for £10. I think I would go for the printer option, but then I am biased.

  jack 14:41 26 Sep 2005

As with pj123 stick to printer route I have R300
Though I still printer paper lables, because I have a stock, and if it screws , I lose only a lable.

Tell more about 'Lightscribe' I am intregued

  De Marcus™ 14:46 26 Sep 2005

About Lightscribe click here

  €dstowe 15:15 26 Sep 2005

If you're wanting full face, full colour printing forget lightscribe.

  DavidB71 15:25 26 Sep 2005

Realise lightscribe won't give me colour but it will do full face. The lightscribe etching does look cool. I guess I'm wondering if the printable face will be as durable as the lightscribed face.

  pj123 15:33 26 Sep 2005

You just have to look at a printable CD/DVD in full colour to see the impact. It takes a little longer to dry than a paper label but the result is good.

email me (via the envelope) your address and I will send you a CD printed direct so you can see for yourself.

  DavidB71 16:05 26 Sep 2005

Cheers for that offer. Have sent Email.

  €dstowe 16:41 26 Sep 2005

I'm a bit doubtful about it doing full face. I think the minumum diameter it will "scribe" is about 40mm. With an Epson printer you can print the entire surface (apart from the hole in the middle, of course). A number of commercial disks are printed true "full face".

Regarding durablility, remember that CDs and DVDs are delicate items and should not be treated roughly under any circumstances. Of course print will not withstand the thing being used as a frisbee on wet grass but there should be no situation where or anything remotely similar that occurs.

  Sans le Sou 17:12 26 Sep 2005

The current limited makes of lightscribe are I believe not all that quick in some formats, however the finished disc does look very nice with the brown image on the gold background ideal for titles and tracklists. There is talk of colour being an option in the future when they have developed the dyes for the covering, not sure if there is a dual layer disc available yet. My son has a lightscribe - takes a while to do if you crank up the resolution but as I said they do look nice in an old fashioned way.

  DavidB71 17:54 26 Sep 2005

"old fashioned way". That made me smile. There are dual layer lightscribe devices but the couple I've found are only +RW. Guess that doesn't matter if I'm only gonna use it for labelling. (Have internal dvd rec). If lightscribe hits colour in the future then that will be cool.
Think I will go for the printer option. My HP550c is a great photo printer but you do have to change cartridges, and it won't take "card" very well and it doesn't print cds! Thankyou very much for all your comments folks.

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