life of a tomtom

  sunnystaines 19:23 14 Dec 2009

had a tomtom 700 several years since first come out, never upgraded maps.

has anyone one had one breakdown, was wondering how long they last as the hard drive may be the first part to go.

thinking as to update euro maps or buy a new tomtom as they are so cheap now.

whats your opinion.

  rdave13 20:14 14 Dec 2009

Personally I'd go for a new one and keep the other in the car as backup. Mine's getting on a bit and will invest after Christmas I think.

  Condom 20:43 14 Dec 2009

Well last years Xmas gift to my wife is still in the boot. Need to think a bit more this year.

  Input Overload 22:01 14 Dec 2009

The battery in mine seems to have a like of 2 minutes, it's not really a problem as it's OK when plugged in. A most useful piece of tech esp for people like me who forget the way to Tesco. They are quite amazing really.

  naineysman 23:52 14 Dec 2009

My TomTom 700 died recently despite being only two and a half years old and rarely used. It was a right slow beastie too! My mates 500 was much quicker at booting and connecting.

I bought the misses a widescreen XL recently for £140, goes much better. (I think they are about £129 now in the sales)

  Zorst 09:51 15 Dec 2009

Yes, my first Tom Tom died after about 6 months. Just stopped finding satellites one day. Got a replacement under warranty and I've had that for 18 months now without problem.
One point that might influence your decision is that when you update maps online via the Tom Tom software, you lose all your favourites! Very annoying if you have lots of addresses stored.
Also the 'new' maps don't seem to be that up to date. We've had a new road opened near us about 3 years ago and it's still not on the new maps (which cost about £30 per year). Not updating anymore, will just wait a couple of years and get a new Tom Tom and give the old one to the wife.

  andyref 12:24 15 Dec 2009

I have had my TomTom one for about 3 years and update the free stuff only but its still going strong .

TomTom one prices from £80

click here

  sunnystaines 12:35 15 Dec 2009

need one with euro maps for our campervan

  anchor 13:06 15 Dec 2009

I had a 700 and found it useful, but decided to upgrade and never regretted it. Much faster calculations, and much faster satellite lock-on.

Personally I would not consider paying for upgraded maps on your 700.

Consider this large screen model for example,

click here

Tomtom also offer latest map guarantee, so you can be sure that the one you buy is really up to date. This guarantee lasts for the first 30 days, and I advise you do this towards the end of this period.

  anchor 13:11 15 Dec 2009

Just seen that its £109.99, (including postage from Amazon.

  anchor 13:14 15 Dec 2009

A map upgrade for the 700 costs £69.95, and you still would not have the same facilities.

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