Life Span Of An Inkjet Printer?

  Bayleaf 21:37 24 Aug 2006

Does anyone know the expected average life span of an inkjet printer?

From my experience with two printers(Epson 740, Canon I850) It appears to be about 2-3 years of light to moderate use.

I don't think this is acceptable and would like to hear views from other users.

Note - In the case of the Canon, only Canon Inks and paper were used, after being told the use of compatible cartridges were the reason for the demise of the Epson printer.

  Dipso 21:52 24 Aug 2006

I am still using my first which came bundled with my Time PC package 6 years ago. It's a HP and although long in the tooth and slow it is fine for my light use.

One of the problems with printers seems to be failure of the printhead. However with mine the printhead is built into the cart, unlike others so I get a new one each time I replace a cart.

I have tried compatibles but now just buy out of date original HP carts from Ebay which work fine.

  anskyber 21:58 24 Aug 2006

2 years with my Canon, so far so good.

  Bayleaf 22:00 24 Aug 2006

Thanks for your reply Dipso,

I have thought about HP printers but have always worried about the cost of the carts, as I print quite a few photos.

  Bayleaf 22:06 24 Aug 2006

Thanks anskyber,

Hope your luck lasts! The Canon has been a great printer and still prints, but with a slight yellow cast. Have deep cleaned/adjusted heads and even washed the heads with warm water.

  spuds 22:29 24 Aug 2006

Still using an HP 590 OfficeJet all-in-one printer.Never had a problems with that. Should image that it's getting on for about 8 years old now.Also use a Lexmark X5150, which is 3 years old, again no problems. Bought an Epson C86 printer about 1 year ago, and had a few printing problems with that.Mainly half full cartridges, not printing any more!.

  oresome 22:49 24 Aug 2006

I use a Epson Photo 700. Several years old.

In fact I've only owned 3 printers since I started with a Dos operating system. How long ago was that?

  terryf 22:54 24 Aug 2006

Still using my Epson Photo 750 bought in early 1999 for about £179 for printing text, doesn't print photos anymore

  Stuartli 23:45 24 Aug 2006

I had a Canon BJC600e which I bought in March 1996 that was still going strong nearly 10 years later (it cost £394 including VAT from Makro, but I've no idea what it cost from a retailer!)

It was also fully equipped to churn out photo prints and a host of other features that are taken for granted today.

It gave way to an Epson R300 for reasons I won't go into here but, otherwise, it would still be going strong and using its original print head (reckoned by Canon to last the lifetime of the printer in the manual first published in 1994).

What's more it had separate ink cartridges to keep running costs to a minimum.

  961 09:55 25 Aug 2006

HP printers generally last for many years because the print head is in the cartridge and that is the part that generally gives up in Epson and other makes where the print head is actually part of the printer itself

Lightly used Epsons may actually fail earlier than well used ones because it is usually because of ink drying within the print head that causes failure

If you buy HP ink cartridges in twin packs you will find that the cartridges contain much more ink than standard ones and they are also much cheaper

  SB23 10:03 25 Aug 2006

I'm using, when it feels like it, a Lexmark Z65. Very good when new, but over the years it seems to have developed a mind of its own.
I bought with my pc about 4 years ago, and would never buy another Lexmark. Paper isn't an issue, but ink is expensive, and with my kids doing homework, the cartridges don't last long at all, (even on the lower settings).
As for the life span, I would say about 3-4 years

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