life in one day part 2

  oseven 13:39 25 Jan 2008

This was an instrumental on the B side of Howard Jones's single,"Life in one day".The tune is going round and round in my head but I can't get a copy of it anywhere.Can any one here help please?
I know this is not a computer question but I have posted it on other forums without any luck.

  oseven 20:04 25 Jan 2008

No,thats not the tune.It was, I am sure, simply called Life in one Day pt.2.I believe jones's brother played a guitar solo in the middle.I think it was a 12" single.

  [email protected] 20:17 25 Jan 2008

click here
12" 3rd of the way down

  oseven 20:29 25 Jan 2008

Yep thats it ,but how do I get a copy?

  [email protected] 20:30 25 Jan 2008

last copy
click here

  oseven 20:38 25 Jan 2008

sorry x7-250 out posts crossed each other.I no longer have a record player for the site you suggested.I am afraid I HAVE BECOME TOO LAZY TO BUY THE DISC AND THEN HAVE TO BORROW A RECORD PLAYER THEN CONVERT THAT TO MP3 ETC,ETC.
Thanks for trying though.

  MCE2K5 20:40 25 Jan 2008

Found this, click here, If it's of use to you.

  oseven 20:46 25 Jan 2008

I appreciate your efforts but vinyl is no good to me.

  MCE2K5 21:06 25 Jan 2008

Is this any use to you, click here

Howard Jones Life In One Day 12"+CDR £22.21

Not sure of the Legality of this though, Fourum Editor might know.

  oseven 21:56 25 Jan 2008

it says in the description " ex pts 1& 2." It's pt 2 I want.

  [email protected] 22:10 25 Jan 2008

have you tried his fan club theres a shop/contact options
click here

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