Life is complicated enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Cymro. 10:04 19 Dec 2007

Some of you may have noticed my posting on the Helproom re. a problem with an MS update. This problem was bought to my attention on the excellent PCA news section on it`s home page.

On the PCA site it is called MS 07-069 but as forum member "bluto1" kindly informed me the offending update is also known as KB942615.

So how is a novice like myself suppose to sort these things out? I sometimes wonder if MS don`t make such things deliberately more difficult than they need to.

The update is called MS07-069 on the PCA home page but is KB942615 in the Add/Remove section of my computer.

If MS must have faulty updates, as they do far too often then at least sort it out so that such updates only have the one number.

  v1asco 10:16 19 Dec 2007

You are perfectly correct. Lots of sites do this. Plain english would be far better.

  anskyber 10:26 19 Dec 2007

Yes it's a problem with dual numbering systems which offer unique references for each update but also catalogue then in sequential date order.

  Forum Editor 10:48 19 Dec 2007

to have two different references to the same fix, but it has always been thus, and I imagine that there's a reason for it - at least from Microsoft's point of view.

Incidentally, calling this fix a 'faulty update' is only correct in certain circumstances - as far as I know it's only faulty on machines that are running Windows XP SP2 and Internet Explorer version 6. That's still a lot of machines, I'm sure, but IE 7.0 has been available for over a year now, and many millions of people have switched.

  Cymro. 11:00 19 Dec 2007

"About 60 percent of the time, I would get an 'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must close' dialog," reported Bill Drake on the Windows Update newsgroup. Others echoed those comments on IE-specific forums, noting that both IE6 and IE7 balked at loading, or while loading, some pages, particularly home pages, on both Windows XP and Windows Vista machines.

I have gut+pasted the above from the actual article on the PCA Home page. The phrase used is "noting that both IE6 and IE7 balked at loading" made me think it was a problem on both IE6+IE7.

  Forum Editor 16:13 19 Dec 2007

I haven't experienced a problem with it in IE 7.0 and I haven't heard of anyone else having trouble. That doesn't mean that nobody has a problem, just that I haven't heard of one.

As I understood it (from Microsoft) it was only Windows XP SP2 machines that had this problem.

  Cymro. 12:39 20 Dec 2007

So perhaps life is not so complicated after all. At least MS now seem to be trying to sort out the offending update.

  SURVEY 13:24 20 Dec 2007

Sorry to butt in on this thread but I have noticed just recently that my IE6 (with XP SP2) occasionally says that it has encountered a problem and must shut down. Are you all saying that one of MS's updates is faulty and if so should one remove it and has MS issued a fix for this via a later update?

  anskyber 14:44 20 Dec 2007

This is the answer, if you are brave enough! click here

  Cymro. 16:13 20 Dec 2007

There is a posting about this on the Helproom. I am taking their advise and am waiting for MS to come up with another update to solve the problem.

click here

  SURVEY 17:27 20 Dec 2007

Cymro - Like you I shall await for MS to come up with another update;fiddling with the regsitry is not a good idea! Am I correct in thinking that they will? If so then they ought to get on with it and put their mistake right! Or is this a ploy to force us to update to IE7; if so can I be sure that ALL the IE7 problems have been fixed now?

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