Davella 23:52 19 Oct 2004

Hi All
Lidls supermarkets are doing a stonking computer deal on a top spec model for £799. Any one had any dealing with this store? Is it worth taking a risk here?

  geoff47 00:06 20 Oct 2004

The latest mail drop to my house says they have cordless keyboard and mouse for £19.99
USB webcam for £12.99
An internal EIDE 250GB hard drive for £99 External usb TV box for £69.99
Mini USB hub £9.99 plus other items.

All have 3 year warranties......

The shop seems bargain basement when I have visited....but would like to know if any body thinks it worth another visit...if only to look.

  spuds 00:51 20 Oct 2004

I generally find that the bargains are usually snapped up very quickly.If you check their advertising you may find that all the items advertised are not nationwide, and only supplied to certain areas only, so it is best to check before you make that special journey.

A couple of years ago Lidl got themselves in a bit of UK consumer law bother,with customers returning faulty goods, but that now appears to have resolved itself to the past.

Another point of interest, is the fact that Lidl like Aldi only except cash,cheques or debit card payments. Payment by these methods will give you no protection under the Consumer Credit Act.

  georgemac 07:21 20 Oct 2004

They are building one in the town beside us just now. Another town 20 miles away has one, I went in once looking for the advertised cordless keyboard/mouse but there were none available.

click here current specials

click here from Thursday

click here from Monday - no sign of any pc's or components.

  Stuartli 09:55 20 Oct 2004

Lidl, like Aldi (the two founders are brothers) is a fast turnover, low profits operation - you can't expect Tesco, Sainsbury etc style interiors.

We have a new (three year old) Lidl in the town centre - its range of bargain buys (and that's without includeing food products) is very varied and always excellent value for money.

I've bought several computer related items, including a Typhoon Navigator wireless keyboard and mouse for £19.99 (exactly the same rebadged product as a Trust model and made by A4Tech which was £39.99 at Staples).

The main thing is to get there early for such buys - it's the same at our local Aldi when Medion and Tevion computer systems and products go on sale.

They sell out very quickly although Aldi has since realised that having a reserve stock pays dividends in allowing customers to order a particular product that may have sold out.

Re faulty products - I've found both companies have no quibble with refunds providing you can produce the original receipt.

  Hamish 16:52 20 Oct 2004

I bought a Targa computer from Lidl. It developed a fault, overheating, but a phone call to the maker in Germany was all that was required.The computer was collected taken to Germany and returned with 2 weeks and has run well since. Very good service. Lidl was selling a Targa laptop recently but not in my area but will consider one if it comes way up North. Targa, I found, is a good firm to deal with, but if you want one be early at the door, even before the shop opens as they fly off the shelfs.
I do not see where they are selling the latest ones and I cannot find them on their website

  1514 23:14 20 Oct 2004

Lidl's from Thursday 28th.Welsh area at least.

256Mb USB memory stick P&P(Silver Crest) £37.99p
The harddrive for your pocket!

Active 5.1 Loudspeakers (SilverCrest)4 x satellite speakers, 1 x Centre Speaker & 1x Powerful subwoofer-ideal for PC games, multi-media applications, MP3-players as well asTV,CD and DVD! Total output 100 watt RMS.
External amplifier with LED status indicator can be connected to streo,2.1 or5.1 audio sources.
Optimised for 5.1 sound cards. Magnetic shielding on satellites enables them to be placed near monitor. Frequency range ubwoofer 30Hz-120Hz
Satellite speakers 120Hz-20kHz £59;99p

  1514 23:21 20 Oct 2004

SilverCrest "Targa DataBox" External250GB Hard drive £149:99p

USB L\speakers p&p 2 x 0.5w £14:99p

  SSmith 00:37 21 Oct 2004

I lived in Germany for a while - LIDL are a German company - and always found their stuff uusually excellent. Be careful about buying something cos it's interesting - I've got an electronic compass sat on my desk which cost £15 but I doubt it will evet leave my desk. I've also got a set of Typhoon speakers which sound great! They cost £15 a couple of weeks later I saw them at Maplins on super special for £20


  Stuartli 09:49 21 Oct 2004

>>USB L\speakers p&p 2 x 0.5w £14:99p>>

With all due respects, that's poor value for money...

Scan of Bolton, for instance, offers some of the famed hi-fi Altec Lansing brand's lower cost 2.0/2.1 speaker sets for much less than that:

click here

  Esso43 10:55 21 Oct 2004

Both these chains operate a very basic (although clever) business model where they purchase goods on a long ish (say 90 day) terms and then sell faster than that (say 60 days) the interest on difference (e.g. the 30 days) is what drives the profits.

So they tend to buy batches of things at relatively low prices and sell them fast (the faster the better). So don't expect to see machines or items which you can decide the spec but you cn get some real good bargains if you act fast enough.

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