LIDL in store pc

  krypt1c 10:28 29 Mar 2005

On sale from Thursday 31st click here

  pj123 10:34 29 Mar 2005
  pauldonovan 12:39 29 Mar 2005

click here

Dell is a name i'd trust more and you get a 17" flat screen. Even if you don't want it you could sell it for more than the 60 quid price difference!

  paddy75 16:32 29 Mar 2005

krypt1c, the sempron processor is not a very good processor it is somthing similar to the celeron which i think it replaced,stick with P4 or Athlon.Paddy

  phoenix198 17:32 29 Mar 2005

Given that its based on a slightly 'cut down' 32-bit Athlon XP processor, I'd put the Sempron somewhere towards the top end between the AMD Duron and the 'old' 32-bit Athlon XP. As such, a fair way above the Celeron.

That said, a 2.4 GHz Sempron is a bit on the weedy side albeit perfectly suitable for the great majority of general Windows tasks. Just don't expect too much in the way of games performance. But then you won't get that anyway from an integrated graphics chip using 64MB of shared system RAM!

The Targa looks a very presentable ultra-budget buy, although pj123 has a point about the Dell.

  jbp1982 22:17 29 Mar 2005

Also, something would put me off buying from a cheapy supermarket. Their stuff it's mostly foreign. Faults/repairs and help, would you get this computer help from the guy stocking out bananas?

  TBH1 11:01 30 Mar 2005

Do NOT be put off from buying things from these 'supposedly' cheapy supermarkets - - - support would come directly from manufacturers, though not affecting your statutary rights under Sale of Goods Act thingy.

Just my two penneth - - I'll get me coat :-)

  Arnie 11:54 30 Mar 2005

All delivered programmes are OEM versions and can therefore only be used in connection with this PC-System. OEM versions can vary from their original versions.

ASUS Mainboard (K8V-MX/OEM Targa Edition)

The above copied from LIDL's web site with corrections.

Do they supply a restore disk?

Notice: OEM Targa Edition. Will Asus support the motherboard?

  TBH1 15:13 30 Mar 2005

if this deal with Lidl is similar to previous ones with Aldi, it will come with all Cd's ie, CD's for pre-installed software, a restore disc and a full XP Home disc.

  Stuartli 16:11 31 Mar 2005

Virtually all components and hardware in a computer system are produced abroad, mainly in China and Taiwan.

Targa is a German company. Its UK website is at:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:15 31 Mar 2005

'Their stuff it's mostly foreign' heartens me that the 'insular empire belief' problem in the UK has been eradicated by good schooling. /eyes raise.


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