snowy30 18:52 22 Nov 2006

I am considering buying an LG 32LC2DB LCD TV

What are you views on it?


  rowdy 19:35 22 Nov 2006

read my post below


  Stuartli 21:33 22 Nov 2006

..and what post would that be...:-)

A 32in Toshiba (32WLT66) or Panasonic equivalent have the edge on LG.

I regularly see all three makes, plus Samsung and Sharp, in action at my best mate's independent audio/visual/appliances outlet.

  Stuartli 21:42 22 Nov 2006

I've pointed out in the link that rowdy mentions:

click here

that it refers to LCD monitors and not LCD televisions.

  rowdy 21:42 22 Nov 2006

LG - Service Quality


  rowdy 21:44 22 Nov 2006

My post is about LCD televisions and LG service or lack of it


  snowy30 19:04 24 Nov 2006

It's enough to put anyone off buying any of LG's products if their customer service is anything to go by. Buying an LG TV is taking a big gamble...and I not going to risk the kind of problems Rowdy had with his LG TV after only a few months.

Browsing through various websites for the best deals I saw that Computer Shopper gave an award for the 32" LG (32LC2DB).......whereas the Toshiba 32" (32WLT66)had been given six awards, which says a lot.

  Stuartli 19:48 24 Nov 2006

I'll ask my best mate if he's had any problems with Lucky Goldstar after selling any of their TVs, although as far as I'm aware he hasn't.

It must also be pointed out that Komplett appear to have done all they can so far to resolve the issue.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:23 24 Nov 2006

Sony 42" LCDs will be under £700 by Easter ;-))


  Stuartli 09:45 28 Nov 2006

>>I'll ask my best mate if he's had any problems with Lucky Goldstar >>

He tells me he only supplies LG flat screen TVs if specifically ordered by a customer - he personally regards the picture quality as being inferior to, for instance, Toshiba, Samsung and Panasonic.

During a recent visit to the shop he had just taken an LG 40in set out of its packing for checking before delivery after, apparently, being unable to convince the buyer that there were superior buys.

  Stuartli 09:46 28 Nov 2006

He tells me he now only supplies LG flat screen TVs if....

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