Lexmark ink cartridge prices

  conburt 11:27 24 Jun 2003

I purchased a Lexmark Z55 last autumn partly because it did well in a survey printed in an edition of PC Advisor. I found a good deal @ Currys who were offering the printer for just under £50. I know want to replace both Black & Colour inks and to my surprise find that the cost exceeds the original cost of the printer. There is something wrong somewhere. Either Lexmark are selling their printers at below cost or they are grossly overchaging for their replacement inks. Which is it? I for one will no longer buy Lexmark. I have a 7 month old printer which is now too costly to keep.

  Confab 11:31 24 Jun 2003

Check out this thread click here

You'll see that it mentiones a special deal on Lexark about half way down.

  Confab 11:37 24 Jun 2003

£17.94 black £25.94 Colour

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:38 24 Jun 2003

You can buy compatible cartridges much cheaper. I think you will find that the cartridges supplied with the printer are smaller than the replacements. You wouldn't buy a car without checking the running costs, would you? The cartridges have lasted for 7 months though.


  Jester2K II 11:43 24 Jun 2003

click here

Printers are cheaper now because the margins have been reduced so the cost of cartridges goes up to cover it.

I keep hearing of a printer that is cheaper than the cartridges it neeeds - hence cheaper to buy a new printer each time. Is this true? If so which one??

  Colin 21:48 24 Jun 2003

As Gandalf says, replacement cartridge prices can be checked before buying a printer. It's the same with most printer manufacturer's, not just Lexmark. I don't want to sound patronising, but compaining about something that can be established before your purchase is not a valid complaint.

  conburt 21:56 24 Jun 2003

Yes I shuld have checked the price of replacement cartridges before buying but I've had an Epson for years and the inks are less than half that of Lexmarks. It still does not answer my question are Lexmark deliberately selling their machines at below cost hoping to make on the inks. I certainly wont be buying inks at their prices. I would sooner buy another printer.

  Jonathan314159 22:46 24 Jun 2003

I agree with Conburt, and as far as I'm concerned will not buy from a company which is basically out to con people - given that many people, particularly those who are first time buyers, don't realise how expensive Lexmark cartridges are. Amber-Shortie's special deal at £17.94 is still way too high for a black cartridge.

Replaced my Lexmark with a Canon printer, which has much cheaper cartridges (and the compatables are even cheaper still). Also as on many of their printers the 3 colours are separate you don't waste the rest of the colour cartridge just because one colour has gone.

  Jonathan314159 22:51 24 Jun 2003

PS bit of a tangent, but similar rationale goes into me liking Evesham (amongst others)for selling "balanced" machines. Often you see adverts (eg Dell used to do this, maybe still do) which sell a home computer with super high spec processor - the headline that again the inexperienced will go for. In the small print you see there is a feeble integrated graphics chip. Just doesn't seem quite right to me...

  dontaskme 23:51 24 Jun 2003

The running costs may be more expensive, but when i looked into buying my parents a printer/scanner/copier, i worked out that it would take years before it became better value to buy the more expensive versions.

I have an hp though, because i don't like lexmarks build quality. If you are going on price, then lexmark are good value. To answer your question, I would say they are undercharging the printers and overcharging the ink.

  NinkyRudes 01:03 25 Jun 2003

On my second PC I use an older Lexmark printer (Z34), and the quality is excellent for my needs (text & occasional 'business graphics'). The printer was dirt cheap, the cartridges very dear. However, I use the printer so little, replacing the cartidge every 12 months, that it probably did work out as being the best choice overall.

As an interesting side note, PCA magazine did do a feature on Lexmark (I don't remember which edition), where Lexmark blamed their high cartridge prices on the complexity of the circuitry incorporated into them.

Two questions: 1) Don't a lot of printer cartridges (from other companies, e.g. HP) come with a printed circuit on them at much lower prices? 2) Surely it is cheaper in the long run to incorporate such circuitry into the printer itself? After all, if we are to use the manufacturers own catridges, as opposed to "inferior compatibles", then their design isn't going to change during the lifetime of the printer.

I have a feeling that this will turn into a debate on profit margins and business models...

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