Lets balance things out re: Mesh

  FRCS 18:49 24 Oct 2006

I have read the recent postings about Mesh and yes some people may have had problems, but here is my view:

OK, i did have trouble when i first bought my mesh pc and yes Mesh's support was below par & yes i have dealt with Davey who kept his word and helped me when i contacted him on another forum.

It's parts are all of a good make & does the job i bought it for. Would i buy from mesh again? Well i dont know, but i do know is that apart from the above mentioned problems the pc has worked fine, my only grumble is the customer support offered should be improved.

  harps1h 18:55 24 Oct 2006

whats the change of attitude. at lunch time you were going to sue mesh? a bit of an about turn don't you think!!

  Confab 18:56 24 Oct 2006

Dementia praecox methinks ;-)


  Forum Editor 19:04 24 Oct 2006

mood swings from one thread to another I'm afraid I'm not prepared to let you have yet another platform on which to labour your point.

You've been given every possible opportunity to provide both myself and mesh with information that would help to resolve this matter. You failed even to answer the email I sent you, offering to take up your case personally, and you've made all kinds of allegations and threats in other threads.

We're here to try to help people, not to allow you unlimited freedom to expound your views repeatedly in thread after thread. The solution is in your own hands - it's entirely up to you from now on. Provide Mesh with the information they asked for, and while you're about it why don't you send me copies of the 'nearly' 20 emails that you said you've sent the company?

  harps1h 19:51 24 Oct 2006

they would make interesting reading methinks!

  hallidaycc 20:43 24 Oct 2006

awww man, i have been saving for ages for a mesh pc that i seen but all these threads are really making me not want to , but it is such a good deal !!!

  harps1h 20:52 24 Oct 2006

you are reading all the bad points as a forum such as this is designed for the sole purpose of helping people. i'm sure there are many satisfied customers if only there were testimonials to be found.

  [email protected] 20:54 24 Oct 2006

Bear in mind that the vast majority of Mesh transactions will be problem free and only the small minority that do have problems complain.

I do agree however that there appears to be some problems with Mesh's customer services that shouldn't be there. If I was personally buying a new computer, I probably would give Mesh a chance, but only because I feel that I could rely on Davey in the event of any problems, otherwise I don't think I would.

  namtas 21:28 24 Oct 2006

After what has gone before, I can not believe that I am reading this from FRCS. Really words fail me.

  mammak 22:04 24 Oct 2006


  €dstowe 22:23 24 Oct 2006

Is this thread real?

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