Lenser range of torches. If you have one......

  Diemmess 18:11 15 Nov 2010

..... how good are they?
Thinking of a present for "late next month"

Are they really as bright as they claim?
I confess to being under-whelmed by the shift to "low energy light bulbs and particularly LED shift from battery burner halogen bulbs, or even the old traditional 6 volt tungsten filament.

Prices are ... well pricey.
Was it worth buying?

  Forum Editor 18:41 15 Nov 2010

I bought a LED Lenser Pro Series P7, and was amazed at how bright it is - not a good idea to look directly at the light source.

I carry mine in my laptop bag, it's just the thing for .... posing with. Sometimes it's just nice to have a really good-quality thing.

  peugeot man 18:56 15 Nov 2010

I was sceptical but was pleasantly surprised at the brightness and range of my AP Pro. Do shop around though, I paid £30 at maplins and have since found the same model at Tesco Direct for £18.

  carver 19:11 15 Nov 2010

Size for size they will outshine anything going and consume far less energy.

  John B 19:35 15 Nov 2010

click here

I think the customer reviews are worth a read. The torch is incredibly bright and the battery consumption is great (given the power).

  GaT7 19:49 15 Nov 2010

That looks like a good buy John B. Good review by rommels cat suggesting to consider few other types & brands as well.

I think some manufacturers do similar ones that come with their own rechargeable batteries & chargers. G

  Diemmess 21:51 15 Nov 2010

Thanks for your rating. Obviously as a brand you all rate them *****

Anyone comment on the P5?

Likely to carry the thing in a pocket but, too low output would make the purchase pointless.
Lenser site is not as informative across the range as it might be. Virtually no dimensions stated.

  Forum Editor 22:20 15 Nov 2010
  Diemmess 08:18 16 Nov 2010

I had merely swopped around between Amazon and Lenser UK.

Thanks to everyone for the personal reviews. Its up to me now and I think the P5 will be fine for the use I will make of it.

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