Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro vs HP Spectre x360 - help please!

  jjs1 19:42 21 Apr 2015

Hello all. I have a very simple decision to make between two laptops, and any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Owing to the fact that a company has given me store credit after a dispute and I have to buy something that they stock, and because I've decided I want to go for a fully convertible (laptop/tablet) machine, these are the only two choices I have (which at least keeps things simple).

A quick word on my usage: I research and write for a living, and so I'm mainly using Office type apps and often have a gazillion internet tabs open at once. I also tend to use my laptop as a multimedia hub, i.e. playing music and watching films. I travel a lot, both long-distance but also each day around the city, to and from the library, so portability and battery life are important. I don't play graphics-heavy games or do heavy photo/video editing.

Based on the above, which of the following do you think is a better bet? Both are 13.3" convertibles with a 256GB SSD, sufficient USB ports, backlit keyboards and priced identically:

  • Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 - Intel Core M-5Y70, 8GB RAM, 3200 x 1800 pixels QHD+ screen, mini-HDMI port, weighs 1.19kg / 2.6 pounds

  • HP Spectre x360 - Intel Core i5-5200U, 4GB RAM, 2560 x 1440 pixels QHD screen, full HDMI port, weighs 1.51kg / 3.3 pounds

In the Lenovo's favour, I like the bigger memory and the super-thin, super-light build. But I worry that the new processor doesn't seem to perform great in benchmark tests compared to the old i5 processors (will I notice this, given my usage?) and I'm not sure the anticipated gain in battery life has actually materialised. Also although I don't use HDMI often, I can imagine it might be a hassle to find a mini-HDMI connector/adapter whenever I do want to hook the laptop up to another screen.

The HP has a full-sized HDMI port and what seems like a better-performing processor (though as mentioned above, I'm not sure how relevant this is to my usage). But the 4GB of memory feels quite low (I guess I could always upgrade that myself) and the laptop is heavier than the Lenovo.

Any suggestions one way or the other would be fantastic. Thanks a lot in advance

  jjs1 19:43 21 Apr 2015

P.S. Full specs comparison here

  Mpv12 05:02 23 Apr 2015

I wrestled with this as well.

I was able to get the HP Spectre for $120 less than the YogaPro3. The HP has an i7 and same RAM and HD 256. HP has longer Battery life to boot. Sturdy keyboard and MacBook looking feel. The YP3 has the less powerful M processor so if you are multi tasking and doing larger files it won't fire as the HP would. YP3 is about 8oz lighter so that's about all I could see that may be better with the YP3. Just my two cents. Good luck.

  john bunyan 15:59 24 Apr 2015

A prominent retailer suggested that Lenovo were a little less reliable than HP, but that is heresay based on returns to a store. The problem with all these paper thin touch screens is the cost of replacement if damaged - over £400 I believe. Both look very nice!!

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