Is this legal or not?

  megapack 17:53 11 Apr 2006

At the start of March I ordered from a well known company, via their web site a Logitech steering wheel.
The wheel arrived about 10 days later and it worked well from one evening. The next day I could not get any power what so ever to the unit. I did feel that where the power supply entered the back of the unit was not a good fit. Anyway I phoned the company to arrange for a replacement. They told me I had to ring Logitech first to get a reference number, before they could give me a returns number. This I duly got and the goods were collected a few days later to be retured to them.

Two weeks later a replacement arrived. On opening the box, I could tell it had either be opended by someone else or was the original unit returned to me. Yet again it worked well for one evening, but when I tried a few days later no power.

To cut a long short shot, the company said they had not sent back the original unit, but one a customer had returned, as they did not want it. When I asked for yet another replacemant of refund, I was informed I would have to pay the carriage charge. When i asked why? I was told that after playing around with the unit I sent back they had got it to work. They told me I had not pushed the power supply in far enough. Well do I force it so hard I possibly break it in the process! I would have thought a snug fit is all that's needed, not to ram it home.

Anyway I would like to know if what they are doing is leagal or not. I am convinced there is a design fault on the unit or they had a bad batch.

Finally I must say what a brillant and understanding comapany Logitech has been. After dealing with the about comapany, I phone Logitech directly to explain my situation. They agreed to send me directly a replacement unit, the only downside is that it only has a European plug, but I can easliy get a adaptor.

They dont even want the old unit back. I just need to cut off the usb cable and sent that part back to them. At least I will have some spare parts for the future. Well done Logitech.

  GaT7 18:13 11 Apr 2006

Thanks for letting us know megapack. Always good to hear positives about a company, when most tend to post negatives. G

P.S. If you haven't purchased that adaptor yet, try at your local Tesco. The last time I checked, they did one for 67p (much better than the same from Robert Dyas for £2.49!)

  beynac 18:41 11 Apr 2006

It would be far better and cheaper to buy a UK plug and fit that in place of the european one.

  Smiler 18:48 11 Apr 2006

"European adapter
It would be far better and cheaper to buy a UK plug and fit that in place of the european one."

That would probably invalidate any warranty as plugs are usually sealed to the cable.

  beynac 18:58 11 Apr 2006

You could be right! After I posted I thought that it was most likely a transformer, rather than a plug, so my suggestion was no good anyway.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:06 11 Apr 2006

About four years ago the usb receiver for the wireless mouse, I was then using, failed. I emailed Logitech, who replied promptly to say they would send me a replacement. Within just a couple of days a new receiver arrived, no quibble, no charge.

  spuds 20:15 11 Apr 2006

What a very good response from Logitech, considering that they had no legal obligations under UK consumer law.

Did Logitech give any clues as to the possible reasons for the problem!.

  bluto1 20:28 11 Apr 2006

A UK 3-pin plug has one of the pins as `earth`. The last European one I used had only 2 pins, that was 2 years ago. Have they changed?

  megapack 21:08 11 Apr 2006

Thanks for all your replies. I may open the unit up after I have cut the usb lead off and got the replacement unit to see what the issue is. I will report back and let you know what I find out. I bet it something simple?

The other thing I could try is to use the UK adaptor I have with the present unit once I have checked the ratings on it, or would that be a foolish thing to try? The last thing I want to do is blow up the replacement one.

Spuds is right that Logitech did not have to do this, but I think they want to protect their good image. If only a few more companies had the same ethos.

  phoenix198 10:57 12 Apr 2006

German plugs/sockets have the facility to 'earth' using two metal strips inset into the cricumference of the plug which then contact metal bars within the (circular) socket.

Not sure about other nations although I seem to remember seeing an Italian plug with three (circular) pins.

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